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Bigger is always better. Take Kent Franklin for example. This massive bodybuilder was all-state Football in High School. He couldn\'t have done that without his BIG ripped physique. At only 22 years old, Kent Franklin is shaping up to be a BIG Bodybuilding sensation and we have him first. Ripe for the worshiping. Now get to work and honor this BIG Muscle Man! NOW.

Gustavo Levu is an aspiring footballer. On the advice of his coach, our lean muscle pup Gustavo, catches a little \"R \'n\' R\" before the start of the season. Glad to get away from the annoying screaming of groupies and demanding fans, Gustavo books himself a ticket to the island of Muscle Eden. A secluded island retreat where muscle man from all over the world come to play. Relax. and let loose surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Trainer and gym owner Nicky Cortland was happy to pose with his gym buddy and training partner Oscar Novarro. But that he would go any further was a surprise to us. Blond and outgoing, we didn\'t think Nicky would be interested in getting intimate for our cameras. \"Why not?\" he said. \"I\'ve done everything else....\" He didn\'t elaborate on that, but once he got going, we got the idea.

Kickboxer Will Keyes is a territorial second-story man in his Powermen.com debut. Recently he got into it with a bigger guy at his social club, who thought he was the real cojones king of the night - Will satisfied himself and his boys by taking care of this loudmouthed mother with just two clean kicks. The next day, not satisfied that the message got across, Will went looking down the Miami back alley where the loudmouth\'s girlfriend lives..... and found her place. Letting himself in (with his key! -after all, that was what the fight was about...he marked his territory with his stiff, ample, spurting cock, shooting his load all over her tub. Not bad for an afternoon\'s work....

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