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DescriptionWe open our FOUR HOUR collection of highlights from Active Duty LIVE with Jackson (he of the "Half Man, Half Horse" T-shirt fame). Jackson is one of our absolute favorite guys - not just because he's got a beautiful body, a gorgeous face and big dick, either. Ok, well, sure, those things have something to do with his appeal. . . In this LIVE show, Jackson gets to know the chatters and tries his best to please his audience. The number of positions Jackson runs through will astound you. He flexes his muscles - all of his various muscles - and shows off his biceps, chest and even makes his pecs do a little dance for us. . . He flings his heels behind his head. . . He even nearly gets the head of his dick in his own mouth. Hot damn that's hot. Then Jackson makes sure to display how it takes a full two hands to jerk his cock. . . Of course, his dick isn't the only thing worth savoring here. Jackson's got a pretty, smooth, creamy white ass. (Note his wild tanline thanks to constant surfing and beach dwelling.) Jackson finishes off his scene be shooting his load onto his chest, running a finger through his cum and then taking a taste of his freshly shot cream.

Thomas & Elijah - Thomas and Elijah kick back on the bed and chat up the LIVE audience, yakkin' it up and doing their best to get to know the crowd. Thomas reveals how he did some gambling recently while Elijah shares how he just bought a boat. After the chit-chat is out of the way the men peal off their shirts and start to rub one another other down. But soon the pleasantries are over with and Elijah has his lips wrapped around Thomas' thick dick. Elijah even says "it's almost too big" as he struggles a bit with Thomas' cock. Thomas slaps Elijah's ass a bit while Elijah asks the crowd if they like what they're seeing. Two guesses what the response was... lol. Soon, it's Elijah's turn to kick back and have his dick sucked off by Thomas. The latter is intent and steady as he blows Elijah - note how Thomas' hard-on just won't go down, either. Heh. The guys switch sucking and jerking a bit more before they whip out the measuring tape to figure out how big their dicks are. Turns out, Thomas' dick is 7" long and as Elijah says, "probably seven inches wide, too." Dang. Soon, at the request of the audience, the guys share a quick kiss as they continue to jerk their dicks, working up to a big finish. The guys race to see who can come first, and Thomas wins the race. He shoots a monster load all over himself - we counted eight spurts that went straight up into the air and landed on his chest. Not to be outdone, Elijah blows his load on his own chest too, showing off the glistening cum all over his torso for the camera.

Dean's Bubble Bath - A few minutes into Dean's bubble bath from the LIVE Archives, we hear Dink and him sharing a laugh about how they didn't realize there were going to be so many bubbles. Dean promises the audience that he won't slip in the tub and acknowledges that "the tub was my idea - I have all the good ideas." As Dean wipes off the bubbles from his chiseled chest, he yammers to the chatters about how there's "a lot more room in this tub," inviting the audience into the bath with him. Dean talks about how his Christmas (which happened the day before this LIVE show) was so great and how he got everything he wanted "'Cause Santa's so nice to me - I guess I've been a good boy this year." And he even says how "Santa spanks me - that's a daily thing around here." Two guesses who "Santa" might be. LOL. We can't detail every little thing Dean said in the show, you'll just have to see it for yourself. Of course, while he engages the audience with his witty banter, Dean shows off his hot body, too. He bends over and displays his tight ass for the chatters, fingering his wet hole. Eventually - after quickly showering off - Dean kicks back and relaxes against the tub, jerking his dick. Right before he cums, he jumps up in front of the camera, aims his dick at his stomach and shoots his load onto his body. "I think that one's been savin' up a while. Told you those protein shakes are kinda thick," Dean says. Yeah, we think so too. lol. . . If you guys are fond of Dean - and who isn't - this is a great fun to watch because he's so easygoing, natural and chatty with the audience.

Cole - The always popular "King" Cole announces in this memorable show from January 10, 2006 how Active Duty LIVE had just won Best Webcam at the Cybersocket Web Awards. This FOUR HOUR video reminds us why the LIVE shows over the years have been award-worthy. Not only does it have incredibly hot moments with the guys, but it also reveals just how fascinating a lot of them are. But hold up, let's get back to Cole and his show. Always the trooper, Cole bends, twists and flexes himself into a multitude of positions - fingering his ass with two fingers and jerking his fucking massive dick (we still cannot - and will not - get over just how long, big and thick Cole's cock is. Jeez!). Cole works his dick with lotion and asks the audience if he should go for "two" this week - two loads, that is. Midway through the scene Cole fires off a thick load that drips and oozes down his cock. "Okay, that's numero uno," Cole says. "Clean up on aisle four, clean up. Dink we need a Wal-Mart worker in here." Though he doesn't shoot a second load, Cole does make sure to sufficiently show off his ass to the delight of the chatters.

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