Steve's Dungeon - Tyler

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DescriptionThis very sexy 23 y/o boy was very shy and took some "convincing" to get him into my Dungeon. He didn't want anyone knowing his name or location so, of course, I couldn't expose his sexy face. But as you will see, I did expose his sexy body and I had a lot of fun exploring his bare flesh. He started off with a boner and didn't get soft the entire session. Horny boy! This boy was definitely ticklish and I enjoyed poking my fingers into various areas of his body. And once I got him totally stripped naked, it was time to bump up the volume and get down to some serious tickling action!

After I get a sexy boy spread eagled in my Dungeon, I really enjoy pulling his feet up, ripping his socks off and start exploring his bare feet. Boy Tyler's feet were every bit as sexy as the rest of his body...and very ticklish, too! After dealing with is feet, I then began to work over his body...with my fingers and my vibrator. Then I ended out this clip with some spanking on his sexy bubble butt!

Now that I've gotten this boy all warmed up, it was time to get serious about abusing him. So I attached clothespins to his tits and hung some weights from his balls. Poor boy! I love tickling a boy who has weights dangling from his balls, because he ends up torturing himself when he moves around trying to escape my fingers. Eventually, I got bored with this and pulled out one of my CBT devices....the Cock Stock. I stuffed his genitals into the stock and then raised it up so boy had to be on his tip toes to get any relief. Then I lowered the stock way down, so he had to squat down for some relief. Boy really didn't like this device...which made me like it all the more!

Even with the clothespins and ball press action from the last clip, this boy was still rock hard. Sooooooooooooo, it was time to really challenge him. So I brought out one of my electro units...the Erostek. I hooked him up with a strap around his shaft and another strap around his balls...and then the zapping began. I experiment on a number of setting on the Erostek, but eventually settled on the "audio" setting. I enjoy putting it on this setting and slapping/spanking the boy's body in various places. So he not only gets the sting from my hand hitting his flesh.... he also gets an electric zap at the same time. Double the fun for SIR and double the pain for boy!!

I was determined to get back to boy Tyler's feet sometime during this session...and now was the time. I have him on his back with is legs and feet elevated, so I could get at them. So in this clip you'll get a lot of nice close ups of his feet while I torture them with fingers and my Neural Stimulator. Eventually it was time to molest the rest of his body using my hands and vibrators. This boy is really sexy when he squirms around...and he did plenty of squirming in this clip.

Boy Tyler has put up with quite a bit of abuse so far in this session. And he never once lost his boner. So I decided that it was time for a "reward" for this boy. And how do I reward a boy for putting up with my concentrating on his hard cock, of course. I started off with a bit of cock paddling, but quickly switched over to some cock stroking. And it did not take much stimulation before boy exploded with a massive squirt! If you're a fan of my site, then you know that an orgasmic reward is always followed up with some post cum, cock torture. However, wouldn't you know it...this boy continued to remain hard even after his juicy cum squirt. And he responded more like he was still getting turned on, instead of squirming around as I give his knob a rub. So I continued stroking and stimulating his boner.....

And the cock stroking continues in this clip..... Boy just unloaded with a massive squirt in the last clip and now, without any break, I'm getting him worked up again. This time I pulled out my vibrator and it's attachments to help with the stimulation. This time, it took a bit longer to produce any boy sperm, but eventually he blew yet another load. Amazing! Must be SIR's stroking techniques! And, of course, I did NOT stop the stroking after he spermed again. But this time I got the kind of reaction I expected. Lots of squirming and begging me to stop as I rubbed his knob! Shall we shoot for a 3rd cum shot!? Poor poor boy!

SeedBonus Appreciated! More clips to follow if you are generous.

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