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THREEHORNYGUYS.COM studio had its brief era of glory about 2007 and 2008 before disappearing.  Their guys were hot and horny, most of them seeming to be of the 'just-a-buddy-from-school' ilk.  As best I know, none of them ever appeared in any other porn.

Here are 21 clips I've had buried away.  It's time to pass them around again.  I believe only one of these is a true solo, all the rest have some guy-guy interaction.  Sorry, I just left the naming conventions as I found them and they aren't very clear.

Grab sheet #1
3HG Chris & Kieran
3HG Chris
3HG Cody BJ 2

Grab sheet #2
3HG Derek 1 BJ
3HG Derek
3HG Drake JO

Grab sheet #3
3HG Flash & Tyler
3HG Gavin JO
3HG Gavin toy

Grab sheet #4
3HG Hunter
3HG J Rock 2
3HG Jake JO

Grab sheet #5
3HG Joe Me
3HG Preston BJ
3HG Ryan JO

Grab sheet #6
3HG Scott JO
3HG Slade 1 BJ
3HG Slade 2

Grab sheet #7
3HG Travis & Tyler
3HG Travis, Josh & Slade
3HG Will


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