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Campus Gloryhole - Private Videos Set 1

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Description1x01 1st Attempt at a Home Gloryhole (5:12)
My last apartment had a bedroom by the entryway where hanging a sheet for a gloryhole worked perfect. So I fucked up a sheet, but I got this guy to come over anonymously and feed me a load. I want to make a more permanent setup for college guys to come over and use when the college is locked, so be looking for those videos in the future.

1x02 Bedroom Hidden Cam Chris 1 (27:25)
College guy Chris comes over for some head. I cleverly cut out the bright LED on my webcam so it isn't apparent when it's recording.

1x03 Bedroom Hidden Cam Chris 2 (17:14)
Chis comes over for some more head. This time he wanted to make out a bit. You get to see me with my pants off grinding on him a bit.

1x04 Bedroom Hidden Cam Tim (30:56)
This is the "Uncut Latin Bro" from my gloryhole videos. After blowing him a bunch at the gloryhole we exchanged numbers so he could hit me up when the college was locked. Not the most exciting video, but at least you get to see the man behind the cock.

1x05 Blowing a Guy From Down The Block (23:12)
Guy from Grindr that lived on the next street over. It's fascinating how some guys just don't give a fuck if you record. This guy is hot as hell, and I tried sucking him every way I knew how but couldn't get him to cum. My buddy at the end even tried, but to no avail.

1x06 Bookstore Gloryhole (7:14)
Sucking a stranger's dick. No cum in the video, but the guy ended up coming over to my booth and I finished him off. It was fun. He kept calling me his "baby boy," and saying things like, "the day you were born I knew you'd grow up to be a great cocksucker" and "daddy's first born son is about to graduate from high school soon." It was interesting because this guy couldn't have been more than 30 and had a wedding band. Bet he's got a kid and fantasizes about doing the same with him.

1x07 Cumming on a Picnic Table at a Rest Area (6:46)
Sucked off a few guys at the rest area and needed to bust myself. Was having fun jerking off right out in the open, but kept getting disturbed by trucks and travelers coming into the rest area. Eventually nutted and made sure to zoom up on my load all over the picnic table.

1x08 Finishing Off the Trucker In His Cab (6:05)
Moved to the cab of his truck to finish him off. Not that impressive of a cumshot, but it was hot blowing him in his sleeper. Afterwards we talked about his teenage son's football team, our high school sports career and locker rooms ;-)

1x09 First Blowjob From a Guy (3:46)
This guy posted a m4w ad on craigslist, so of course I responded ;-) He said he had never done anything with a guy, but was willing to try. He told me to just walk in and he's be in his room waiting on his bed with his shorts off. He said he took awhile to cum (he said "awhile" was 8-10 min) and I had planned to edge his cock for at least 30 min, but he didn't even make it to 4. The hand mouth trick was just too much for him. Remember the golden rule: Guys Give Better Head. He was really interested in the idea of the gloryhole on campus, so as soon as our schedules line up I should have a gloryhole video coming.

1x10 Servicing a Latin Guy's Cock (6:41)
Before I transferred to the college with the gloryhole, I used to service this guy regularly at my other college. I was back in town and needed to preserve the memory of him, so I had him record.

1x11 Sucking a 9 Inch Cock at a Rest Area (8:53)
Blue collar guy pulled up in his work truck, got out and wandered back into the woods. I knew what was up. Still was surprised when I saw him jerking his white 9 inch uncut piece of meat, so I of course immediately dropped to my knees. Here in Texas foreskin isn't rare, but on white guys it still sure is.

1x12 Sucking a Traveler at a Rest Area (0:55)
I think this guy was surprised at how easy hooking up can be. He was kinda bashful, but as soon as I got down on his cock he was OK. Didn't take much to make him shoot.

1x13 Sucking Another Traveler at a Rest Area (6:31)
This guy had a hot dick, but was super sensitive. He's get close to cumming so quickly and then make me back off, but I finally got him to nut.

1x14 Sucking the Trucker in the Rest Area Woods (6:04)
This trucker had a nice uncut dick that I just had to suck. We moved to his truck because some creepy guy wouldn't leave us alone.

1x15 Sucking Two Guys at My Apt - One Blasts My Face With Cum (15:15)
This country guy was headed home after spending the weekend with his buddies from college. I think he just graduated. Said he hadn't cum in a week. That was apparent when blasted my face with several ropes of cum. He was really insistent that he give me a facial and I got a little cracked up at how much he came. Hot times!

Bonus Clips:

9 Inch College Jock's Cum
Just some of the baseball boy's cum on my face after I sucked him off at the gloryhole.

18 Year Old High School Thug
A short clip of me blowing the 18 year old high school straight boy. Trust me, I made him show me his I.D. before his pants went down. The app MeetMe has really been coming through for me. Most guys tell you to fuck off in much worse terms, but others, like this little hoodlum, just ask you to bring them a pack of cigarettes in exchange. Does that make him gay for pay? Nursed this boy's cum out, but my phone died and missed it.

Uncut Bookstore Gloryhole Cock
Nice uncut daddy dick. I played with it some and was about to get down and suck it when he yanked it back and walked out of his booth :-(

Pierced Gloryhole Cock
To each their own, but I sucked a guy once with a prince albert and didn't like it at all. Guess it's not supposed to be better for me. It just kept clanking around on my teeth. Needless to say, I didn't suck this guy, but took a short video of his pieced cock. He wasn't shy at all about shoving it through the gloryhole.

College Guy Sucking Dick At The Gloryhole
This is the "cowboy" from my gloryhole video #59. He definitely looks like he is from Texas. Here is a short clip from over the stall walls one day when I was denied access to the gloryhole and he got gorge himself on cock. It's getting harder to get some gloryhole time as its popularity rises ;-)
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