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DescriptionWith all the anal action going on in these armed forces, here "G.I." takes on a whole new meaning. It goes like this: Captain Cole Tucker is sent to investigate various sexual indiscretions within the armed forces. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that all sorts of hideous, twisted acts are taking place right under his nose! As Tucker reads about each illicit act, he gets worked into a froth and starts acting out each perversion.

The first scene finds Taylor wanking his willy in his bunk, before Kennedy comes over and shows him 101 uses for his handy dipstick.

Next, the film switches back to Tucker, who shakes things up a bit by peeing into a glass, wiping the excess dribble off his sausage and tasting it! Then he takes a moment to savor the intoxicating aroma as if it were a fine, aged wine.

Before you know it, we’ve been transported to a bathroom, where a golden arc is streaming from beefy Joe Stack’s pud. After the appropriate number of shakes, Stack walks over to the freshly showered Payne and they start sucking, groping and fucking. We are then back in the room with Tucker, who, after sniffing and licking an Army boot, ties the boot around his ‘nads and starts stroking.

We then see Stack wearing this latest fashion before he and his fuckbuddy pound the stuffin’ out of each other. Stack eventually unloads his pearly prize on Payne’s stomach, scoops it up and gobbles it down. Next, it’s haircut time for a horny soldier. But what’s a haircut without a foursome? Bunkmates Johnson, Knoll and Tucker (Jeremy) are happy to accommodate the newly shorn cadet.

Next, it’s time to watch Branch and Savage ream each other’s rectums with dicks and dildos. At the very end of the film, Tucker (Cole) squirts his spooge all over a dildo, them lovingly sucks it off. He’s the best thing about the film - his body is a sexual playground and his unapologetic smuttiness is right on.

The only problem with the film is that several members of the cast seem like they’re on Quaaludes. The guys are nice to look at, but the film would be a lot hotter if these guys seemed more into what they were doing. Those who get a rise out of size may also be disappointed to find that the "average-sized" pee-pee is pretty much what you get here.
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