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donnie drake v stone whitman

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DescriptionDonnie Drake is one of BG East's most popular wrestlers, sought after by other wrestlers and by other promotions. He's done his time as the new kid on the block, and a very pleased Boss has consented to his request to break in the first-timers, a role ordinarily reserved for The Boss himself! Awaiting the arrival of "Double D", rookie wrestler Stone Whitman certainly impresses with his pre-match moves and workout, not to mention his finely sculpted body, especially those perfect washboard abs!

He stops cold in his tracks when Drake bursts through the door looking all regal in a cape and yawning at the sight of Whitman's schoolboy antics. "Very impressive," he smirks sarcastically, as he approaches Whitman, looming over him. A full head taller, Drake's size is intimidating and he knows it, and Whitman backs away. Double D graciously 'introduces' his fist to Whitman, informing him that it?s only gonna take one swift punch to knock him out cold. He might be smaller, but Stone is lithe, lean and eager to go. He stops the advancing Drake dynamo, hip tossing the bigger dude all over the ring. Finally trapping Drake in a side headlock, it?s Stone's turn to do the mocking. "You're not doing much talking now, are you?" he taunts the more experienced pro.

But when Donnie easily lifts him up into the air and tosses him into the turnbuckles, Stone realizes he's got his work cut out for him. Cornered, Whitman is on the receiving end of Drake's big black boots. He then shows his admiration for Whitman?s six-pack by punching and pounding him those abs. Slamming him flat to the mat, Drake slaps Whitman's stomach several times, softening it up before standing full-weight and striking a pose on those aching abs as Whitman howls in pain underneath.

With Stone flattened to the canvas, Double D delivers an ab claw clutch that has Whitman squirming in spasm and agony. Lifting him up off the mat by his ABS, Drake sends Whitman airborne into the corner turnbuckles, then racks him over his shoulders in the centre of the ring til Whitman is nothing more than a rag doll. A full-on, non-stop brutal ab torture session has sexy Stone Whitman crying out for mercy as he finally concedes in submission. And the match has only barely begun! Welcome to BG East, Mr. Whitman!The second fall begins with Drake 'slapping some sense' into Stone, literally! He warns him that everything so far has been just a warm up. Trapping him in the ropes, Drake gives Whitman an even more intense beatdown of his abs, from punching, kicking, stomping and other creative mayhem. Stone finally gets some offense going! He somersaults into a forward flip right onto Drake?s midsection, then from the second rope he jumps feet-first onto Drake?s stomach! It?s time to return the ab punishment as he whips Drake into a corner and displays his kickboxing skills, using Drake's midsection as the kicking bag.

Unwilling to roll over for his debut, Whitman enforces a side bow and arrow on Drake, repeatedly driving his knee into Double D's side, leaving a rather pathetic looking Donnie biting his own fingers to keep from screaming in defeat. But it doesn't help, because Stone is determined and bends Donnie even deeper into his knee until Drake finally taps out and gives Stone Whitman what he wants: the equalizing submission.

After giving him a minute to catch his breath, Whitman jumps onto Drake's back piggybacking him with a sleeper hold to bring the giant down. At first, it appears to be working as Drake's eyes glaze over, his attempts at fighting back get weaker, he staggers about the ring, his whole body going limp, finally collapsing to the mat. Stone cranks the sleeper even tighter knowing full well that Knocking Out Donnie Drake in his debut match would be an spectacular feat and establish Stone as a major threat in BG East! But never underestimate a desperate Donnie D. Drake gets back on his feet and repeatedly drives Whitman's back into the turnbuckles until, finally, the sleeper hold is released. But Whitman jumps right back onto Drake, his sleeper hold even stronger than before as he demands impatiently, "Give up!" hoping that fear of unconsciousness will force a concession from Double D. And indeed, Donnie's breathing gets more shallow, his eyelids flutter closed and Whitman ceremoniously lays him down for a slumber in the centre of the ring.

Was our Double D merely feigning? Donnie rises like a phoenix from the ashes and slams the sexy newcomer face-first into the mat. As he flexes over a nearly unconscious Whitman, Drake is furious when Stone starts to stir. Whitman is a fighter to the end! "You should have stayed down!" Donnie screams, slapping the rookie across the face and administering yet more gut bashing. Nearly driven to distraction by Stone's persistence and perseverance, it?s time for Deadly Donnie Drake to bring out that previously promised powerful final fist, and send sexy Stone Whitman to Never-Never Land...
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