♺ Power Men - Latinos In Action (wmv)

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Will Fernandez is one of the hottest male strippers and entertainers from the New York night club scene. But you don't have to stand in line. Will can entertain you right here...and now.

While exploring a tropical hide-away Gaucho comes across a hammock full of muscle, by way of Pepe Mendoza and Macho Nacho. Gaucho may look like a tough cookie, but he's not. He's so friendly and nice. Walking right up to the muscle men and saying hi, Gaucho takes no time showing off his own big muscles. Flexing and posing with the best of 'em. Gaucho get's worked up and heads back to his cabin for an aggressive solo session in an effort to satisfy his appetites.

Boytoy Pepe is back again, and now he's grown up more than a little - there's a lot of all new muscle surrounding that long, looong, thick dick! You remember Pepe....he's the pretty young man whom we met on a trip for fresh men a few years back, and at the time he was entertaining a wealthy businessman. Well, times have changed - but Pepe hasn't. He STILL loves to play, and he still brandishes that thick, thick slab of meat ... just take a look! Yummy!

This young buck is a dirty, nasty boy who loves to play. He likes nothing better than to sic the other guys on each other. But he gets away with it. The guys always forgive him. All this grinning troublemaker has to do is part his full lips to betray just a hint of a smile. It's that sense of pure fun that Lucas brings to his private shows. He'll tease you, but then he'll turn around and let you play with him. He's that kind of guy: Full of life. A sense of humor. That's turning him on. Whenever you want, he'll let go. And you'l be having fun right along with him. It's a wild ride, but a trip to remember!'
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