Palmer (solo)

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June 2, 2014

With his high-n-tight haircut and aggressive tattoo action, Palmer gets asked all the time if he is a Marine or military. Instead, he is bright and social type of guy, who is super easy talk with. He is a guy who seems like has plan for life and is goal-oriented. Despite his aggressive looks, pretty sure there is not a mean bone in his body…besides his super thick mean bone!

Befitting his amazing body, he is a personal trainer, and clearly spends a lot of time working on his own physique. He finds a lot of satisfaction in helping others to train and eat properly. He looks like he has never eaten a potato chip in his life as his body fat must be about 3%! Very enviable!

He has a girlfriend that seems like a keeper. She sounds equally secure, and gave a big thumbs-up to him coming to do guy-on-guy work. Seems like it a new relationship, but you can always tell by talking to these guys they are in for the long-haul with their sweethearts.

I did book Palmer pretty quickly, so we didn’t have much time to wait for his pubes to grow out. He was shaved bald, so we did manage to to get a little pube action. I did tell him to stop shaving his pits too. Not sure why some guys do that, but I am sure there are a lot more lovers of musky pits, then the shaved and soapy smelling kind! We can all watch it grow back together!

His solo is amazing! Totally into showing-off in a confident, yet not too cocky way. Palmer is not shy about showing-off his ass, and over all, he seems down for doing full-interactive.

He will be back next week for a massage, and he is already on the schedule to fuck a guy at the time of writing this summary.

For today though, enjoy this awesome jerk-off session!
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