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Psycho Muscle Showcase Plus

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DescriptionFeaturing Psycho Capone, Dante Rosetti & Jay Austin
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(Notes - Psycho Capone was a professional wrestler in the lower tier of the then-World Wrestling Federation back in the 1980s.  There is no cumshot in this Muscle Showcase, but you do get clips of some of his legitimate matches at the end of it.  Fair trade-off?  The jury is out.)

Psycho's Muscle Showcase (1.10 GB, 43m 29s)
A private performance video study of a professional wrestler! A BGEast star on Fantasymen, Pros in Private, and infamous for his Hunkbash and Demolition appearances, Psycho Capone is the ultimate pro badguy. Those who have seen him in action - as you can in the bonus matches added here from his BG East appearances - will know why he is called 'Psycho'. Despite his crazed sadism in the ring, Psycho also has a (slightly) softer side, one capable of showing off his seductive physique, even allowing the worship of a massage after a hard workout. Those muscles have demands of their own!

Here at 6'1", 225lbs. of tough muscle, Psycho works out on Nautilus machine wearing only a pair of brief, tight workout shorts. If you like beef being strained and pumped, it doesn't get much better than this! Muscle worship! Next we catch a very erotic shower scene. Then our hero appears in his full dress marine uniform! One clean Marine! Looking both mean and dapper, his strips from this outfit til he's only in his clean white bulging underwear and dress hat. Finally, pro wrestler Psycho gets greased up and professionally massaged from head to toe on a massage table. He lets his muscles do the talking. His great ass, muscular chest and big dong are all part of the interplay. Just imagine those massaging hands are yours! Very erotic.

Dante Rosetti vs Psycho from Paradise 1 (1.05 GB, 31m 51s)
Make sure you save some for this next match 'cause we've saved the best for last. Dante was a rookie but one with pro aspirations and like many rookies, he thinks he can challenge and even take the vet. And he gives Psycho a run for the money to the point where our star pro has to get pretty rough. Phenomenal muscle on display, and a wide range of both skillfull and overtly rough action from both fighters. Hot submissions and big beef on display. Dante is big, bad and beautiful. Just ask our Joey Pappaluca who served as the adoring manager who oiled him up. HOT!!!

Jay Austin vs Psycho from Fantasymen 5 (346 MB, 16m 3s)
Jay proves his toughness by throwing Psycho across the ring with two hip tosses. Psycho hightails it out, then reaches into the ring, grabs a leg and starts to break it down. Jay tries a bodyscissors, using his massive thighs to slow the pro's assault, but Psycho throws the suffering muscleman all around the ring, seemingly aroused as his crotch swells out from his G-string. Psycho stomps his throat and puts Jay in a sleeper hold! Not satisfied with putting the pretty boy out, he wakes him up with an elbow smash to the back of the neck, then proceeds to torture him in a camel clutch. Jay refuses to submit so Psycho dumps him face-first to the mat, goes back to those injured legs and pours on a tight figure four leglock. Jay pounds the mat in agony for ages, refusing to give up. His legs about to break, he finally screams his submission, but Psycho continues his torture, with a camel clutch and another devastating leg hold. Mean!
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