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♺ BadMasterBoys - Greetings from the East - Humiliation, Spit, Feet

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-07 |
the slave is lying on his back on the floor, Masters Sacha and Maxim are torturing him with their feet, forcing him to lick and suck them and pressing down all their weight on him. The victim moans and whines but sacha remains completely deaf to these appeals for mercy. The Masters get into it and start trampling him hard. Calling him names, making fun of his weight. Every time he moans they tell him to shutup. The fat pig slave gets spat on and in his mouth often and to shut him up a festering sock is stuffed in his mouth. But this stops him from swalling spit. What to do? They choose another orfice: his ears. That�s right, his ear holes are now a spitoon and an ashtray.  So that the slave doesn�t starve, the generous Master Maxim sits over the slave, and spit/chews a ham casserole into his mouth. Meanwhile Sacha is crushing the victims head underfoot. Maxim having eaten his fill, he rests the plate on the floor with its scraps, rests his food on the scraps and orders the slave to eat everything, from the plate, his foot and the floor. While eating the slave is showered in spit from all directions. Camera man Master Alex can no longer resist the temptation to join in. He drags the slave to the bathroom and orders him into the tub. There, Sacha spits on him and farts right up his nose. This fourth and final installment of the East series sees a true pro, Master Sacha, come into bloom. Masters Maxim, Alex and Sacha are all gret participants and a special thanks goes to Alex for the great camera work!

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