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MB - Elder Parker & Bishop Angus ORDINATION PART 1

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DescriptionWhen Elder Parker arrives at the temple with his companion one preparation day, Bishop Angus invites him alone into a room he has never seen before. He said goodbye to his companion, who went off to the endowment by himself. Bishop Angus wears the white suit, white tie and white shoes worn by all temple workers, and Elder Parker is still wearing his proselyting clothing. He wonders why he hasn’t been asked to change into temple clothes, but knows why the sexy older man wants to see him alone.

Bishop Angus gets comfortable on a white couch. “There are many rooms in the temple,” he says. “This room is sacred. In this room I was ordained to the higher priesthood many years ago.”

The missionary looks around. “I can’t believe there are rooms in the temple I didn’t know about.” Are there other rooms he doesn’t know about? Other secret priesthood ordinances?

Bishop Angus can see the hot young Mormon boy is somewhat nervous. He really likes the young man, who seems polite, a little shy, and is very good looking. He can tell the boy is just waiting to be kissed, but too afraid to make a move. “After we’re done today, I will take you to the holy of holies.”

Elder Parker is confused. The holy of holies? “I thought that was only for the second anointing?” he says. He’s excited and nervous. He can’t imagine why the bishop has chosen him for this special honor, but he hopes he won’t disappoint him. He realizes his hands are shaking and he tries to still them.

Bishop Angus smiles, excited to get his big bear hands on the young missionary’s hot body. “What we are doing today is more important and more sacred than the second anointing.” And then the bishop leans forward and puts his hand on the missionary’s face. Elder Parker closes his eyes and Bishop Angus kisses him on the mouth. Elder Parker is surprised, but he kisses back hard. As the bishop pushes his tongue into the boy’s mouth, he feels butterflies in his stomach and his dick starts to get hard.

The bishop pulls the young man to his feet and starts to take his clothes off. The missionary doesn’t resist, though he’s nervous about being caught naked in the temple. Bishop Angus hasn’t explained all the details about what is going to happen, but all the boy cares about is getting kissed. As Bishop Angus undoes his shirt he keeps his face close to his priesthood leaders, stealing as many kisses as he can get. As the bishop takes off his own shirt, the boy unzips the man’s pants, then holds still as the bishop pulls his pants down and gropes his ass. The boy pulls the bishop’s body in tight.

Elder Parker feels like he’s in a dream, standing in the temple wearing nothing but his garments, making out with a hot stud. Bishop Angus gropes the Mormon boy’s hard dick. He loves how eager the boy is to kiss and touch him, as if he’s afraid he won’t get enough. The bishop pushes him down on the couch. The boy’s face is red from the rough kissing. He climbs on top of the missionary and starts to grind his cock into his belly. Elder Parker closes his eyes as he feels the fat cock pressing into his stomach. The bishop spreads his legs and Elder Parker finds himself wrapping them around the bishop’s waist. The cock is pressing through the garments against his hole, and the sensation makes the boy feel warm all over. With his eyes, he silently begs the bishop to fuck him.

And, in good time, the bishop is happy to be of service. He loves earnest and innocent boys. He slides the missionary’s hard dick out through a flap in the garments and gives him a blow job. The boy has an enormous cock, and Bishop Angus soaks it in spit and licks the sensitive head. Then he slides his own dick out, pulls the boy up, and forces him down it. The boy sucks eagerly, bobbing up and down on the man’s thick cock.

He picks the boy up, sits down, and settles him on his hips. Elder Parker reaches back and plays with his dick while the bishop sucks him. The bishop loves the taste of the boy’s young cock, and the soft hairs on his balls and belly. Getting worked up, Bishop Angus pushes the boy down on the couch and climbs on top of him. He strips the boy completely naked and grinds his ass with his cock. Then he takes both cocks in his hand and strokes them. The boy’s dick is rock hard, ready to explode. The bishop puts his fingers on the kid’s ass and applies pressure.

The young man is a natural. He lifts his hips and presents his ass to the bishop. His whole body is begging to be fucked. Bishop Angus grabs the consecrating oil and slicks up the boy’s dick. Then he gets his own dick wet as he prepares to push it up the boy’s tight ass and ordain him.

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