Stepfather's Secret Part 5

CategoryDaddies / Sons
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DescriptionA later addition to the story (after the first
four parts where the step-father seduces each son
in sequence then they get together for a group
session.)  In the fifth movie, another of the sons,
who is away at college, comes home for a visit, and
the step-father makes sure to welcome him home.

The first four parts are here:

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Stepfather (all scenes): Dirk Caber
Son in 5th scene: Asher Hawk

Stepfather's Secret Part 5 26:48 (October 3, 2014)

About Dirk Caber
Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7
Height: 5'9"
Cut / Uncut: Cut
Weight: 200
Sexual Positions: Versatile
    Favorite Foods: Peanut butter, sushi and bibimbap
    Favorite Movie: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
    Favorite City: London
    Hobbies: Classical music,building dungeon furniture
    What I like The Most: Versatility,slings, boys hogtied with their asses in the air
    What I Don't Like: Bad Hygiene,deodorant or cologne
    Best Thing About Me: Social,easy to connect with,always horny
    Worst Thing About Me: Impatient,perfectionist,sometimes short tempered
    How To Make Me Happy: Make me laugh,be smart,be physically affectionate
    Favorite Quote: "You still able to move? Let me get some more rope"

About Asher Hawk
Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6
Height: 5'9"
Cut / Uncut: Cut
Weight: 160
Sexual Positions: Bottom
    Favorite Foods: Tacos and curry
    Favorite Movie: Trainspotting
    Favorite City: Montreal
    Hobbies: Biking , reading
    What I like The Most: Dick
    What I Don't Like: Vegetables
    Best Thing About Me: Sweet caring heart
    Worst Thing About Me: Sarcastic asshole
    How To Make Me Happy: Smoke me up
    Favorite Quote: Life goes on

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