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Original upload: 2011-02-26 |

Hittin' It Again
Amateur Straight Guys Video
Year Produced 2007

Starring: Paul, Axe, Brick, Peter, Bryan, Guzzo, Kai, Landon, Jay, Doug

Regular guest, hetero hustler Axe, calls producers Doug and other regulars "the members." He recalls being "de-virginized" by Doug. He and smaller Paul strip to the flutter of flashbulbs, then Axe ducks to suck dick, shocking even the offscreen director, who gasps, "No kiss first? Nothing?" Axe not only sucks with his mouth, he sucks Paul's cock with his asshole too, so enthusiastically that he's in danger of losing his amateur standing! Fucker Paul blows cock-snot on Axe's "backbone" tattoo.

Big-eyed, bare-chested Brick, who looks like a young, brunet George Peppard, interrupts a sunbath to go indoors and jack, and then interrupts that to ask for a partner. He gets head front and back from fully-dressed producer Jay, then skinny redhead Peter fucks him in the face and ass. Director asks, "Better than that strap-on your girlfriend uses?" It's an uneventful fuck to watch, but judging from Brick's ecstatic face, plenty is happening up in there. His disgusting load on the bedspread tells the story.

Brunet Bryan is handsome like a cartoon prince. Guzzo is a narrow-eyed jock. Bryan's so cute when naked and erect that Doug comes on camera just to feel that thing. Guzzo sucks it and then takes it up his butt. Both adorable dudes spooge a bunch.

Blond stud (that's stud) Kai has dragons tattooed on his tits. Landon, another big-eyed cartoon cutie (that's cutie), is a personal trainer who comes by to critique Kai's workout. Kai is expert and splendid, so there's nothing for the two guys to do but work-out together, nude, until Landon's creamy ass catches Kai's eye and then his erection. Kai needs no instruction in pumping prick in pokehole.

Enjoy the show!

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