Inch by Inch [DVD]

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A Falcon Classic first released in 1985 [!], it features raunchy condomless Sex, and a really gritty but vibrant NYC, in all its chaotic graffitied glory.

Definitely pre-Giuliani, pre-Bloomberg, and [shudder] pre-de Blasio!


Scene 1: Tony Stefano returns home for a shower...unaware that Steve Henson is waiting for him, hiding under his bed.

When Tony discovers the voyeur, he gives the boy a good working over, pummeling Henson with his cock down the throat and up the ass. Steve takes his punishment like a man and but as Tony is pounding hard he notices another peeper under the bed. This time it's Mike Raymond.

Meanwhile, Steve Henson has miraculously vanished so Tony takes out all his pent up energy on Mike.

Scene 2: Alleyway fourway scene featuring Mark Miller, Chris Lance, Bill Joseph and Kevin Luken.

Scene 3: Beach 3way featuring Steve Wright, Doug Jensen and Toby Matson.

Scene 4: Fresh from stealing Tony Stefano's underwear, Mike Raymond happens across Tom Brock masturbating in front of a closed window. Mike stops to enjoy the view and in a fantasy segment he interacts with Tom, watching him stroke his cock, licking the glass, then sucking Tom's huge cock. The fantasy ends as Tom blasts his load against the windowpane.

Scene 5: Subway car scene featuring Jim Pulver and Jeff Quinn as they suck and fuck away.


Matt Sterling

Mark Miller, Jim Pulver, Jeff Quinn, Doug Jensen, Tom Brock, Mike Raymond, Tony Stefano, Steve Wright, Steve Henson, Toby Matson, Christopher Lance, Kevin Luken, Bill Joseph

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