Mustang - Rhodes' Rules(Samuel Colt,Adam Killian,Trent Diesel,Tristan Jaxx,Tyler Saint,Andre Barclay)Mustang - Rhodes' Rules(Samuel Colt,Adam Killian,Trent Diesel,Tristan Jaxx,Tyler Saint,Andre Barclay)

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DescriptionFalcon Superstar Erik Rhodes finally assumes the position ¡­ behind the camera. After establishing himself as one of Falcon¡¯s Superstar models, fan favorite Erik Rhodes showcases more of his cinematic talents. He joins the pantheon of high-profile and successful directors who have made their mark in male adult erotica under the Falcon banner. You won¡¯t want to miss Erik¡¯s directorial debut as he proves he¡¯s just as skilled behind the camera as he is onscreen. ¡°Rhodes¡¯ Rules¡± is filled with hot and heavy, non-stop energy and features an incredible lineup of hunky man-creatures that Eric conjured up to tease and tempt. For all the lucky patrons of the 666 Club, intrigue and adventure reign supreme. The intense manaction will hit you smack in your face at every turn, nook, and corner of this special men¡¯s club.

There¡¯s no way Nash Lawler would ever ignore an anonymous cock pokin¡¯ through a glory hole. Whoever¡¯s on the other side couldn¡¯t have lucked out better as Nash coddles the thick salami before he swallows it down. The guy behind the wall then butts up to the opening giving Nash something new to savor. Then Nash sticks his dick through and orders his phantom lover to suck it hard; and the fellow complies, even gagging a bit. Nash wants more and directs his silent partner to backup against the hole so he can fuck him. But that¡¯s not satisfying enough and Nash orders him to come out and get fucked like the filthy dirty manwhore he is. The men connect and Tommy Defendi cries out with every thrust Nash delivers. Then whacking himself off while getting his ass plowed has Tommy soon ejaculating all over. Nash answers with his own explosion of pent-up spooge. And then, with a sneer of contempt, he blasts a stream of steamy piss all over his exhausted boy toy dousing the flames of passion.

Samuel Colt sits in plain view for everyone to watch as he strokes his stiff staff and plays with his balls. He¡¯s an undeniable force to be reckoned with, inviting any worthy takers to go a round with him; but no wimps need apply. And so, like a moth to a flame, superstud Adam Killian glides into Samuel¡¯s aura and attacks the big man¡¯s big cock with his open mouth. Sloppy slurping and heavy deepthroating action have both suckee and sucker enthralled and lost in a machoman dream. Samuel soon takes his turn working on his new friend¡¯s dick, clamping his lips tight around the shaft and sucking it down. He finger-fucks Adam¡¯s manhole then dives face-first inbetween his cheeks so he can rim his ass, lubing it up for the fucking he¡¯s got planned. Samuel exerts total domination over his partner as he piledrives his hot rod in and out with fierce punches until he makes Adam cum. Then laying back in Adam¡¯s arms, he jerks himself off and shoots gobs of cum. The messier the better.

Laying belly-down and buck naked, Trent Diesel is a sphinx-like manimal whose alluring charms are not wasted on Tristan Jaxx. Tristan approaches Trent and shoves his crotch into his face. Trent opens wide and hungrily sucks on his cock, slavishly running his lips up and down the meaty shaft. Tristan becomes increasingly horny and so eager for more action that he takes his turn to open wide and guzzle Trent¡¯s cock down, sucking on it with expertise. Then he eats out Trent¡¯s ass, teasing the bunghole with tongue licks and a couple of fingers he jams inside. Charged-up and wanting even more, Tristan starts to fuck Trent¡¯s tight ass fast and furious. They continue to screw in a variety of positions, and then while riding Tristan¡¯s hot rod, Trent strokes himself off and cums. Exhausted and spent, he kneels before Tristan like an obedient submissive only to get blasted in the face with milky spooge.

Tyler Saint wanders the club looking for some action and soon finds Andre Barclay who¡¯s busily entangled with a mechanical dildo which has been set up to drill his ass continuously. This unsettling but striking floorshow is intriguing enough to whet Tyler¡¯s interest and draw him into play. He takes advantage of the immobilized Andre and feeds him his engorged cock. Getting plugged at both ends quickly has Andre wallowing in pig heaven. His appetite is inexhaustible and his energy unlimited. After a spell, Tyler decides to take a crack at Andre¡¯s crack, delivering the man-on-man interaction that the young buck¡¯s sore asshole¡¯s been missing. Every fierce jab up his stretched sphincter has Andre sighing and growling with throbbing pleasure. Then the two men disengage so they can jack themselves off. Andre is the first to climax and cum, followed quickly by Tyler who blasts his hefty load onto his buddy¡¯s mug.
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