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The Best Of Colt - Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies - Part 2

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DescriptionRip Colt's
Sex Rated Home Movies 2
distributor Colt Studio released 2008
category General Hardcore
studio Colt Studio
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
type Shot on film, Collection
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credits none available
performer role
Buddy (colt)
Chris Dickerson
Dakota (colt)
Dick Trask
Erron (J. Brent)
Grafton Burke
Hank (colt)
Jean Claude
Jon Iverson
Ken (colt)
Martin Matz
Matt (colt)
Matts (colt)
Michael David
Rex (colt)
Richard Sternberger
Rocky (colt)
Roger (colt)
Steve (colt)
source: promotional material
From deep within the COLT Vault emerges this goldmine of films, direct from Rip COLT's personal collection. Among the reels of film and videotape we've found a treasure trove of lost favorites and never before seen gems. This digitally re-mastered bounty stands the test of time and offers proof that true masculinity never grows old.

For over 40 years COLT has the led the way in presenting the most masculine expression of all male erotica. This is where it all began.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Pool Service (Colt)  200'
Dick Trask, Michael David
The stills from this series turned out to be one of the most popular offerings, but the movie was the main purpose for the session and, in its way, is more successful. There's a lot of action in this film and y' gotta see those movements! Including a new method of propulsion we know you've never seen before! What a way to go!
Derek notes:
Though never credited, Dick Trask is the bearded star of this. Michael David was credited with the DVD release.
This loop was remastered and featured on the DVD Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies 2.
see also Colt loops

2. All-Stars  200'
Chris Dickerson solo, Jon Iverson solo, Rex (colt) solo
This 200-foot film contains color footage recorded during sessions with three of the most famous and popular Colt models. One, Chris Dickerson, is world famous as one of the most spectacular Mr. Americas ever; Rex is the rugged young man whose fan mail has never stopped since we introduced him and the third dazzler is Jon Iverson, the star of Song of the Loon, whom we introduced in the High Sierra series. These three are what the Colt Look is all about.
see also Colt loops

3. What the Carpenter Saw  200'
The Carpenter, Buddy (colt), Heinrick (colt)
Colt promo:
When we released the stills from this film we knew we had a winner! Currently our carpenter can be screen in "Boys in the Sand"–but we got there first! Buddy and Heinrick join him in our film that puts the heat on Fire Island.
see also Colt loops

4. Double Feature  175'
Steve (colt), Hank (colt), Holiday (colt)
In the film "Spacewalk" there appeared, briefly, a young man in a green robe and the inquiries about him are still coming in. Half of our "Double Feature" is devoted to him - and his enormous talent! The other half contains some idle hours with two really groovy nude body builders.
Derek notes:
This loop was later remastered and featured on the DVD Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies 2. Early Colt advertising did not credit the players. The DVD release bills them as Steve and Hank in the first half, and Grafton Burke for the second half.
see also Colt loops

5. Afternoon Alone
Erron (J. Brent)

6. Roommates (Colt)  200'
Dakota (colt), Roger (colt), Ken (colt)
When we recently released a b/w print series called Roommates we received hundreds of letters suggesting we make a movie out of it. We had the idea in mind too and now the film is ready. We assure you it's everything you wanted. And more!
Derek notes:
This loop was later remastered and featured on the DVD Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies 2. Early Colt advertising only billed Dakota. The DVD release bills his co-stars as Roger and Ken.
see also Colt loops

7. Splashdown  200'
Matts (colt), Rocky (colt)
Derek notes:
The advertising only billed Rocky. The loop was later remastered and featured on the DVD Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies 2, which is where Matts received his first-ever credit as a co-star.
see also Colt loops

8. Jean-Claude  200'
Jean-Claude (colt) solo
This blonde giant was such a success when we released his pictures recently that we thought you might like to see what heaven looks like - in motion. This is the most flawless skin you've ever seen - and oh, those pecs!
see also Colt loops

9. Afternoon Idyll
Erron (J. Brent), Matt (colt)

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