BCH Jacobo [Blowing Jacobo two weeks load]

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Beefcake Jacobo is hispanic , he didnÂ’t want to disclosure for the cameras from which country , but he has been living in town for quite a while and he has a girlfriend in Venezuela that he is planning to bring to the States, he just lost his roommate and he found himself a little short for rent.
He contacted me with a very bad picture of him, but by doing this for more than a year I could tell he would be much better in person, usually these straight guys donÂ’t send photoshopped pictures lol, but in that regular picture I saw his goods and we set up a meeting for shooting.
He got punctual for the shooting and he asked me right away for something to drink, I guess he was trying to calm his nerves a little but I could tell he had a great expectation for what I was about to do with his cock, since his girlfriend is abroad he hasnÂ’t has intercourse in seven months and he hasnÂ’t jerk off in two weeks (this I found hard to believeÂ…but) yeahÂ… I didnÂ’t have any problem taking care of that by blowing his two weeks load, after all his is tall, sexy, handsome, beautiful hairy legs and has a delicious curved down cock, a treat that I havenÂ’t have in a while, I mean, beefcake Dameon has a nice curved cock but to the left or to the right? donÂ’t remember now lol , but Jacobo is curved down, wich also posses some challenging for my sucking style , but I guess I did a good job, since I got this sexy man into the zone, he got very warm and gentle, I love that, I could suck him for hours, then when he cum I realized I was blowing Jacobo two weeks load for real!! I hope you guys enjoy this video with beefcake Jacobo!
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