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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-04-17 |
Featuring Chaz Carlton, Chris Banks, Haven Phillips, Paul Carrigan and Robert Collins

If naked wrestling is your thing, you’ll go gaga over this collection of three man-on-man matches. These guys pounce, they tousle, their wieners flop all about, and when someone gets pinned, they’re typically gagged by a cramming cock. After the rough-housing, they focus on the more lusty affairs: making out, squeezing ass cheeks, deep-throating cock, fingering hole, and stroking off creamy wads of man yogurt.

1. I’m New, Go Easy On Me
Smooth young boys, ADAM and CHAZ CARLTON, sweaty and evenly matched, wrestle hard on the mat until they get hard on the mat. Through a very sensual series of discoveries, they grapple each other in headlocks, full nelsons and amateurish school-boy pins until the inevitable occurs...

2. Dualing Dicks
It’s all true! And these two USDA prime examples are sure to prove it as they battle it out on the mat. It all starts out simple enough. ROBERT COLLINS and CHRIS BANKS set out to see which one comes out on top, but soon, sweaty, tired and unclothed the question turns from getting on to getting off. With guns like these, everybody’s a long shot.

3. Are You In This Room?
Hard as nails PAUL CARRIGAN shows newcomer HAVEN PHILLIPS the moves in this contest between brute strength and wiley strategy. The two struggle, their muscled, sweat-soaked bodies entwined and straining until one of them gets to go deep. Which guy gets to be the deep end? Watch and find out.
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