[All Worlds] Barracks Glory Hole 9

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[All Worlds] Barracks Glory Hole 9

2009, approx. 90 min
Country:  US
Studio :  All Worlds Video, Seabag Productions
Cast:  Alan, Anthony, Brenden Cambell, Cadence Allen, Danny Daniels, Frank Marine, Hollister, J.J. Dane, Jacob, Kendall Klark, Kyle, Luigi, Roary Del Mar, Tommy, Troy, Hank Warner
Director:  Dirk Yates

Real military men, a urinal, and some hollowed out wood. When horny Marines need to get off, they only have one place to turn... the barracks glory hole. Watch what happens when these sexy servicemen say "what the fuck" and stick their dick through a hole where a cock hungry eager soldier is waiting to pay tribute to their full salute. Dirk Yates drives it over the top in yet another masterpiece in Barracks Glory Hole 9.

I really like this movie.  I watched it at the porn store while getting head through a gloryhole twice...and that was nice.  Then, I figured, "this movie really turns me on", so, I bought it.  Now, it's coming to you in MP4 format, it's a 1 hour 32 minute run-time movie with 16 guys who give and get head.

The awesome thing about this movie is that these guys feel real.  In fact, all but two strike me as pretty "straight" even though they're getting their cocks sucked.

It's supposedly a barracks gloryhole and they could have worked on set design a little better, but who really cares, right?  There's a lot of cock hanging through that gloryhole and a lot of nice looking dudes sucking cock and getting their cocks sucked.

More information: hxxp://www.tlavideo.com/gay-barracks-glory-hole-9/p-296841-3

Seed bonus appreciated. Thanks

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