♺ American Top - Vampires in Buenos Aires

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American Top Studios, Latino handsome boys
DVD release in 2009
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Running Time = 02:06:59

Cast: Bruno Bordas - Lucas Ronda - Gonzalo Forte - Gerardo Bartok - Julin Terra - Martn San Diego - Toms Husped - Flix Cohn - Marcos allende -
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Big Dicks, Couples, Cum shots, Massage, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Sex Toys, Tattoos, Uncut

After seeing "42  Chill", Dario would we wondered how to overcome the hot Marxxx picked in the fifth and final orgy with 12 amazing garchando guys together on a long table. The answer is "Vampires in Buenos Aires."Maintaining technical quality as always, and excellent casting of guys, "Vampires" surprises us with a good script and special effects.

The story begins with Santiago (Bruno Bordas) narrating his life. He is a vampire who came to Buenos Aires for decades escaping the Vampire Slayer. Along with Federico (Gonzalo Forte)-another vampire-have achieved mixed between people and work in a hotel.The first scene shows a young couple coming to the place to rest. For women unlucky-but-good for us, the air conditioning is broken and she decides to go to the hotel pool to cool off, leaving her husband overheating. Santiago reaches room offering hot drinks to calm the passengers who are suffering. Of course, a bottle of water is not enough to cool our young "straight" (Gerardo Bartok, debuting at 42 ) and as the hotel's motto is to always satisfy the customer, Santiago tries to please him with every weapon at its disposal and used as one. While they are in action, comes air-conditioned coach to see those males killing for pleasure, forget their work, the heat and the world to join them in a spectacular trio which raises the temperature of the room incendiary levels.

Other guests arrive (Julian Terra and Martin San Diego) and although friends do not have any drama and decide to release the room with a good hard cock. Julian again to A.Top films., But in this case looks a spine infernal debutant Martin and worth mentioning is its naturalness and disinhibition on camera. Both give us a very hot scene that will go wild mice of many, like our mischievous bloodsucker that have cameras in all the rooms and morbidly observed. A Santiago Martin seduces him in a special way ...

Two cops (Lucas Ronda-star of 42 - and Thomas Guest) arrive at the hotel in search of new evidence for a death that occurred there. Santiago has mastered his bloody impulses, but not Federico, who conquers the call of the blood. The police asked the room and check again Federico accompanies but, finding no evidence, do not want to retire with Fede empty handed them a favor. Excellent scene with uniforms and situations that will warm more than one who likes fetish.

Meanwhile Santiago leaves the hotel, intersects the passenger likes and offers to take him for a walk around town. Both through the streets of Buenos Aires chatting and getting to know. Already Santi's house one thing leads to another and the host will show their hospitality with kisses, blowjobs and brutal hard cock that will make history.Santiago falls in love with the boy, and after many years of loneliness, gamble and decides to tell the truth about his identity. And wins! But how could they live a human and a vampire?

After the transformation, they and the other vampires participants celebrate with a ritual orgy that is the finishing touch to this original story of love and blood. Santiago is in Buenos Aires, but not alone, now shares his life as a couple.

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