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BG East Wrestling Alexi Adamov vs Patrick Donovan

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DescriptionAlexi is a very proud young man, and the humiliations he's endured since his arrival at BGEast have done nothing to lessen either his pride or his ambition. He's proud of his extraordinary body, he's proud work ethic, and he's proud of his skill. All those losses? Pfah! Those weren't fair fights'the other guys fought dirty! Those matches don't count! And he is very aware of who put his opponents up to the beatings he's endured'he has gone from a wide-eyed kid to a bitter young man jaded by his experience. He trusts few of the other wrestlers at BGEast, and has made even fewer friends around the locker room. And when Patrick called with a match challenge'he blew it off. 'Yeah, right, whatever.'
Patrick has his own emotional and physical battle scars from his years with BGEast, and he expects some respect from the guys who haven't been around as long as he has. He's not about to let some newbie punk just blow him off! Patrick's been around the block, and he knows how to get the word out. Every time Alexi walks into the gym, or to the ring for a training session, he gets asked, 'Why you ducking Donovan, rookie?' 'You scared?' The pressure continues to build, along with taunting phone calls and emails from Patrick himself! Finally Alexi explodes. 'All right man, let's do this,' he seethes into his phone. 'Backyard; I've got the mats set up.' Alexi storms around to the back of the BGEast compound, where he spies Donovan standing on the mats. Alexi lets out a torrent of vocal abuse'disparaging Patrick's body, his skill, his TAN. The two go at it on the mats, and tear into each other with a fury and determination to humiliate the other once and for all!
Often, when 'chemistry' between two people is mentioned, it's a positive thing. But there's another kind of chemistry: like when two guys take an instant dislike to each other'and these two have it big time! When Patrick's in control he sneers at a growling Alexi 'It's called domination, rookie!' They certainly know how to push each other's buttons! When Alexi gets the upper hand, he strips Patrick out of his shorts'which Patrick quickly uses to wrap around Alexi's throat! As Alexi gasps for breath, Patrick strips him out of his own shorts! Now down to their sexy underwear, the two tangle'and Alexi comes out the better for it. As he forces Patrick to submit to him, he keeps a steady barrage of taunts designed to humiliate! 'What's this called, huh? Domination? Is that what it is?' Alexi sneeringly mocks Patrick's body and skills'which isn't a smart move. Patrick knows his way around the mats, and now he's pissed.
Patrick launches an all out attack, determined to humble the sexy Russian. Almost effortlessly, he moves from one painful hold to another: full nelsons, scissors, chokes' Trapped and unable to defend himself, he starts punching Alexi's flawless abs! 'How are those abs now, huh? That tan isn't doing you much good now, is it?' Helpless, Alexi can do nothing but take the punishment, his abs getting redder and his rage at once again being victimized is written all over his face. He doesn't want to give, but soon the pain becomes too much and he finally submits to the self-styled rookie ravager! Freed at last, Alexi backs off the mats to recuperate for a moment'but Patrick is having none of that; attacking him on the grass and dragging him back to the mats!
One fall is left to determine the winner. Neither one is going down to the other without a real fight'and this isn't ending until someone is unable to get up again! Hot 'n nasty fun in the blazing summer sun!
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