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[Raging Stallion] On The Job

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DescriptionAntonio Biaggi, Aitor Crash
Erotic photographer Antonio Biaggi has an eye for more than just theshot...namely beefy Aitor Crash in a red jock. Antonio directs Aitor inSpanish, as he tweaks his nipple ring and positions him to where hewants him. Antonio turns Aitor around so he can see his beautifulmuscle ass. Antonio can't resist such perfection; he goes in for aclose-up, with his tongue As Antonio gets the hole, Aitor teasesAntonio's crotch with his foot...inviting him in. Antonio buries his facein Aitor's ass, getting it ready for the 11 inch uncut cock. Antoniotakes out his huge Latin cock and rubs it on Aitor's ass. Aitor drops tohis knees and envelops Antonio's hard cock in his mouth. Aitor goesto town sucking his massive meat, choking on Antonio's cock.Antonio returns the favor on Aitor's uncut cock. Aitor spits in Antonio'sopen mouth as he sucks, but Aitor wants Antonio's cock in his ass.Antonio bends Aitor over the sofa and fucks Aitor's hole, pounding itmercilessly. Aitor rides Antonio's horse-hung meat like he's riding abucking bronco. Antonio flips Aitor and continues to pound his tighthole. Aitor unloads on his on chest and Antonio pulls out to unleash ahuge load. The photo shoot may have been interrupted but Antoniocertainly got the 'shot' he wanted.

Manuel DeBoxer, RJ Danvers
Sexy French Canadian Manuel DeBoxer crashes RJ Danvers' couchafter a hard days work. He relaxes watching TV. RJ Danvers comes into chat but Manuel speaks only French. In an attempt to behospitable, RJ grabs a selection of DVD's and offers them to Manuel.Manuel chooses Home Bodies. 'This?' RJ hesitantly pops itin. The two watch the porn film and feel their cocks rise. RJ has ahard time keeping his eyes on the screen with Manuel sitting next tohim...massaging his crotch. Before you know it, RJ is on his kneessucking the uncut Canadian's cock. RJ chews the foreskin and getsManuel's meat all wet. Manuel takes off his shirt and reveals hisbeautiful hairy chest. RJ devours Manuel's cock like there's no end insight. Manuel flips RJ over and begins to rim the hairy asshole.Manuel sticks his bearded face into RJ's opening hole. Manuel's cockreplaces his tongue as he pounds RJ's hairy ass. RJ wants more andManuel shoves a large dildo in to comply. RJ shoots all over his hairychest, then begins to fuck Manuel with a dildo, too. Manuel takes itlike a man then unloads all over his perfectly chiseled body.

Justin Christopher, Adam North
Painters Justin Christopher and Adam North have a huge job aheadof them sanding the walls of a Victorian before they can get down tothe business of painting. Sanding is a most tedious occupation and sothe men take a break from grinding the dust to work on each other'scocks. Justin unbuttons Adam's overalls and is momentarily down onAdams cock licking and sucking the meat from tip to base. Justinunfurls his large uncut cock and begins to stroke it. Adam gets downand hungrily sucks Justin's cock...it's huge but Adam manages it.Justin slowly fucks Adam's throat but Adam wants Justin's cockelsewhere. Bending over the ladder, Justin eases his large cock inAdam's tight hole. Justin picks up the pace and begins to fuck harder.Adam flips Justin on to his back on the drop-cloth and takes his turnfucking Justin's tight hole. Adam fucks Justin long and hard beforeturning him over and pounding him doggy style. Adam unloads hisbucket of cum all over Justin's back. Worked up and ready to pop,Justin turns over and shoots his white creamy load all over hissmooth stomach.

Manuel DeBoxer, Tyler Saint
Manuel's beautifully uncut cock in his mouth.Tyler wants more than dick. He wants ass, it's not long before Tyler istonguing Manuel's sweet manhole. Manuel grinds back, wanting morethan just a tongue in his willing hole. Tyler gives him just what hewants by sinking his large flesh pole deep inside Manuel. Tyler grabson Manuel's jock as he pounds away at his hole. Tyler pumpsforcefully, filling Manuel's eager asshole. Tyler flips Manuel over so hecan get more of his big dick into Manuel's tight hole. Tyler continueshis furious pace till Manuel unleashes his load on to his hairy abs.Tyler can't contain his fury as he cums all over Manuel's white jock.
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