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Alex - A 21yr old into all sorts of sporting stuff, from surfing to football, and to even Iron Man competitions. If you ever want to put a guy into the typical bronzed Aussie category, Alex is certainly the one. Into surf life saving, has good looks, a very straight boyish personality, a great body, a perfect butt and tanned with a Speedo tan line. He was very nervous during the entire shoot, and it shows as he fidgets through most of it. Very cute and very likeable typical Aussie straight boy.

Nearly every time I drive through a particular set of traffic lights I see this hot shirtless guy approaching cars to wash their windscreens, and always think how good it would be to get him naked in front of my camera. When ever I pass through the intersection where he works I am usually either too far away for him to get to my car or when I'm at the front of the lights he isn't there that day. Then finally one day, I managed to get him to my car to clean the window, I knew I didn't have much time as the lights were about to turn green, so I quickly asked him how old he was, just to make sure he wasn't under 18 and if he would be interested in making a bit more than just loose change. He was very sus on what I was after and I had to quickly explain to him that it wasn't anything dodgy. Anyhow, I pulled my car off to the side and we sat down beside it and discussed what it was I wanted. He was very um and arr about it all, but I knew if I could show him that I was trust worthy and that he wouldn't be forced to do anything he didn't want to do I could probably get him to do it. Trust seems to be the major factor in getting guys to do this, I think even more so in some cases than the money. After about 20 minutes of talking and inhaling car exhausts I gave him my number and said that if he wanted to give it a go to call me that night to arrange the shoot.
That night he did call, but he still wasn't 100% if he wanted to do it, so I told him to come around to the hotel and that he didn't have to do anything, just so we could talk about it a little more. A couple of hours later, and I think a few drinks for him later he turned up, we sat down on the lounge and over a beer discussed more in depth about what would be involved. At first he said yeah to it and then while I was frantically running around getting my equipment set up he says to me, "ahh, I might give it a miss hey". I almost dropped to the floor, panic bells went off, this guy was too hot and I had thought about it for too long to let him slip by and I knew I had to make sure he felt that he was going to be alright and that he was safe, I said to him that once it was all over and done with he would wonder what it was he was so worried about. So after some quick talking and some reassurance he totally committed himself to doing it, though he was still very nervous about it all.
I was so glad, I finally managed to get my little window washer boy on film.
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