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MMB - Elder Dudley - Washing And Anointing

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Description -  Elder Dudley understood he was going to the temple for something very out of the ordinary; but was still caught off guard by the series of events that led to him on his back, being bred by a ripped priesthood leader with an enormous cock.
The missionary didn’t want to cum with the man’s dick in his butt, and he fought the urge as long as he could.
But eventually the hard pounding of that fat dick against his tender prostate had forced the boy’s nuts to explode and spray his seed all over his hairy belly.
The boy had been conquered. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to like being penetrated, or if it was natural for it to feel so good that it made him cum.
But President Nelson wasn’t angry. He pulled his still massively engorged cock out of the boy’s velvety teenage hole, kissed him, and then told him to get cleaned up.
Although this experience was confusing for the young Mormon boy, it had also been thrilling.
He had never fantasized about sex involving men dominating him. Certainly not before his mission, and not even until very recently had he even thought about it.
But the reality of it was so hot it made him question everything he thought he knew about himself.
As Elder Dudley soaps up in the shower in the temple basement, he plays out in his mind every moment of the sexual encounter.
When he steps out of the shower, naked and soaking wet, a handsome temple worker hands him a clean, white shield.
The shield is what temple-going Mormons wear when they are going to be washed and anointed. The garment is completely open on both sides, leaving the wearer’s naked body exposed.
The boy puts the garment on and heads to the ordinance room. He remembers the first time he went through this ceremony, and how shocked and frightened he was.
Because these rituals are secret, he had never imagined that on his first trip to the temple his nude body would be touched in private spots by an older man.
The experience had an erotic charge that he didn’t fully understand, despite the fact that nothing explicitly sexual had happened.
President Oaks is waiting for the boy, and sexual attraction hits them both like a lightning bolt as soon as they see each other.
Dudley looks the handsome man over and doesn’t even fight the erection he gets as he imagines those big hands on his naked body.
President Oaks wets his fingers in the consecrated oil and begins the ceremony at the boy’s head, working his way down.
Because of his excitement, the tall boy’s leg is shaking just like a puppy’s.
Given his encounter with President Nelson, the missionary assumes that The Order will perform this ceremony a little differently than the first he went through it.
He’s not wrong. When President Oaks discovers the boy’s boner, he strokes it a few times, then drops to his knees and wraps his lips around it.
Looking down at the man servicing his cock, Elder Dudley can’t repress a moan of pleasure. He’s not worried about cumming this time, he just hopes President Oaks likes the taste of semen.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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