Sex Psycho Scene 5 Clip

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Country:  US

Studio :  Thor Productions, Arena Entertainment
Very hot scene. The description of the scene found on the url you see below.


We also meet Paul Johnson, a public sex addict who recounts a fiery hook-up fantasy in a lobby reception area with handsome, yuppie type Jon Ashe. Paul’s got a hot sculpted body with hairy clipped pecs, but Jon’s got more of a surprise to reveal: a heavily tattooed and nicely toned body and an alarmingly thick and veiny throbbing cock. As Paul chugs voraciously on Jon’s plump crotch rocket, they’re spotted by an inquisitive pedestrian walking past the bay window! The men take turns slurping on each other’s pink pucker holes and then Jon crams that immense tool of his tightly into Paul’s greedy bottom.

2010-11-04 03:03:35
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