♺ Maximo Latino - Thomas and Gaston

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Thomas & Gaston

Aggressive bottom meets passive top. That's one way to describe this week's Maximo Latino couple, Thomas & Gaston. These two young guys are very much into each other, but just express it differently. From the start, there is no doubt that Thomas is in charge, but Gaston is not just along for the ride. He's content to let our red-headed bottom control the action for now. As Thomas undresses Gaston and swallows his sword, Gaston's body language shows that he has not completely given up control to Thomas. Biding his time, Gaston readies himself for the rear action that he's been anticipating since his arrival. Positioning Thomas' chest on a pile of red cushions, Gaston aims his dick at his partner's waiting asshole and sinks into the hot, wet man-pussy, to Thomas' delight. Slapping his pelvis against Thomas' fleshy ass cheeks, Gaston continues to thrust in and out of the redhead, curling his toes and causing him to purr. Switching positions, Gaston reaches areas inside Thomas that cause the pain/pleasue that only a true bottom boy can relish. Working himself up to full hardness, Thomas lays back against Gaston's chest and revels in the heavenly feelings of being possessed by another man. As Gaston's orgasm builds, he pulls free of Thomas' love chute and fires across the redhead's belly button. Not far behind his partner, Thomas dumps his load across his own stomach to mingle with Gaston's. Exhausted and satiated for the moment, they take a few minutes to rest in each other's arms.
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