♺ Dirty Tony - Clayton Bangs Mark

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Cool as a cucumber Mark, is a little nervous today. It turns out that he is not so cocky when the tables are turned on him. It is only the second time he has EVER taken it in the ass. He is still squeamish even though his first anal invasion while a little painful, had a very happy ending (and a very happy Triston). Clayton however is quite excited with the situation, he is more than happy to take a little wind out of a straight boy's sails. Being the nice guy that he is, Clayton goes down on Mark first. Getting him in the mood. He looks so good with a dick in his mouth, it took all my restraint not to step in and join the fun. Mark's turn to suck dick comes soon enough, he starts by tracing Clayton's petting zoo tattoo with his tongue. Clayton's six pack is more than ready for a little heavy petting, and so is his cock! He is rock hard even before Mark can get his dainty lips close to it. Clayton quickly tires of Mark's mouth and he spins the tanned and toned lifeguard right into doggie. Clayton yanks down Mark's boxers and glides right in. Ahh, the sound of muffled straight-boy yelps is seriously music to my ears. Clayton shows no mercy for Marks semi-virginal ass. He gets right in, and all the way into Mark and starts drilling away with a smile on his face. He fucks Mark long and hard, biting his back and telling him to take it like a man. But when Clayton pulls out, Mark is the first to cum. Pearly straight boy jizz tumbles out of his pink pecker and onto his hairy happy trail. Inspired, Clayton takes his turn and nuts all over Mark's toned tummy - his hairy chest heaving, their respective loads mixing into one spectacular tasty mess that even I wouldn't mind cleaning up.
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