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Campus Gloryhole - Private Videos Set 6

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Description6x01 Return of the Bunny Slayer (5:35)
This guy knows where to go to get a good blowjob, and instead of dealing with girls he has no problem letting a guy blow him. His cum is always creamy and tasty.

6x02 Straight Guy Thinks I’m Mandy (23:32)
So I thought I’d just pose as a girl and see what type of responses I’d get. I didn’t have an actual girl lined up to help me out yet, I just wanted to know if it was feasible. Turns out, straight guys are pretty sex starved. I was telling guys that I (Mandy) was looking to do this later. The next day, when I had no intention of even replying to any messages, this guy was just begging and begging. He had no ride, but was even willing to get a cab over to my place. Since it was just me, I told him he could come over, but that my boyfriend had already gone to bed. My “boyfriend” was cool with me having fun as long as we kept it quiet.

6x03 The REAL UnGloryhole 01 (3:01)
I’m sure many of you have seen the videos produced from UnGloryhole.com. They’re hot, but the definitely lack a certain realness that is what I enjoy about amateur porn. I hate to burst any bubbles, but the guys on UngloryHole.com definitely aren’t straight. Two of the models I know personally. One is an ex-boyfriend from my Navy days, and the other is a local friend (“Matthew Singer” and “Max Chandler”). This is my first attempt with my lovely assistant with a tall guy that really needed a blowjob.

6x04 The Real UnGloryhole 02 (11:13)
Some of you may have heard of my guest sucker in this video… Skaden11? He thought he could leave all the dicks to me, but of course had to get in on the action himself, being that straight boys are his vice. This guy was particularly shy and took a whole lot coaxing. My lovely assistant can get quite bossy. I think she’d make a great dominatrix, actually. She wasn’t paying too much attention, and at the end of the video immediately after the guy unloads his nuts is when she tells him to let her know when he’s going to cum! He didn’t pick up on it, but I bet he was a little dumbfounded :-P After he left, he was telling me he had wanted to cum a second time and that he’s always good for at least two rounds. We shouldn’t have shipped him out so soon! D’oh!

6x05 Double Sided Gloryhole 01 (8:51)
I found an British guy visiting Texas, so you know I convinced him to bring his perfectly large foreskinned cock for me to suck.

6x06 Trucker Gets a Visitor in His Sleeper (18:33)
If you’ve ever had a warm place in your heart for vintage porn, then this guy fits the bill for the burley 70s trucker with fat cock stereotype. He was parked about an hour from me and I was at work for a bit longer, so he told me he was going to leave his truck unlocked, go ahead and pass out, and that I should suck him awake when I got there. The plan worked fine for me! Although, the hairy man was lying on his already hard cock when I got there, so I had to rouse him the old fashioned way. He was still a little out of it when I started sucking him though, and I was pulling my underwear up before he even noticed the camera.

6x07 Double Sided Gloryhole 02  Thor Comes for a Visit (7:41)
Craigslist has been shit lately. Used to be that when you placed an ad you’d get plenty of replies that left something to be desired and a couple possibilities. Now, you’re lucky if you get two replies of any type. However, immediately after posting an ad this brut replies. Huge dude with a fat intact cock. He told me he was only available daytimes on his lunch breaks or on his way home. Hmm… and he always whips out his phone to watch straight porn. Sorry if that is kind of loud, he’s unknowingly holding right next to my mic.

6x08 Car Cam 02 Fireman (11:52)
This guy lives within a mile of me, and is always flaking. Truth is, he’s one of the too many guys that just default to fucking, as if a blowjob can’t be just as desirable or more desirable. Our schedules finally lined up, and I think I convinced him the can be great if done correctly. So many “gay” firemen around here. This is the 4th one I’ve blown from this immediate area… From 3 different firehouses. I mentioned this, and he tried to get me to suck and tell. Ha!

6x09 Car Cam 03 Ginger Blows Me (7:04)
I don’t really know what was up with this guy, but he gave some awesome head. He made me cum in under 7 minutes, which has to be a record. I was horny as hell and I had company at my place, so I got him to swing by to swallow my cum. He was a decent looking guy, but he apparently sucks dick in a bowtie.

6x10 Double Sided Gloryhole 03 Thor’s Cock, Even Harder (8:01)
He says it in the video, and his dick was definitely even harder this time. It made it a little more difficult to suck. He’s so proud of his big dick too. He’s texted me multiple times how much he likes having a big dick. He says he wants to have me hang off the bed and let him fuck my throat, but I’m not sure if I’d feel safe with that much mass and that much cock slamming down on top of me. I called him Thor just because of his stature and size, but come to think of it, he’s quite similar to Thor Johnson trucker guy from Xtube.

6x11 Double Sided Gloryhole 04 MeetMe Boy (18:49)
This guy took a little convincing, but as long as you plant the seed, they eventually come around. He was one of those “Fuck you. Not gay.” types. Then with some logical reasoning and waiting, he eventually hits me up when he’s horny and is tired of jerking off. Of course, it’s always on the basis of “right now” with guys like this, but I was happy to drop what I was doing.

6x12 Car Cam 04 Stoner Suck and Fuck (26:33)
Oh geez… The return of this guy ;-) I thought he had a baby on the way, but it turns out the girl was lying. He’s been begging to fuck me for so long now… I finally obliged, but I made out with him some to make his transition to faggotry complete. It was raining and getting really hot in my car… This guy feeds me some cum, fucks me, forces me to cum, and then wants me to suck him off again! Who does he think I am?

6x13 Bedroom Cam Lucky Guy Blows Us (15:53)
Not much to say about this video, just that I had to put it out there. Just some thirsty dude getting some loads from me and a “friend.”

6x14 Double Sided Gloryhole 05 Grindr Comes Through (21:29)
I rarely look to Grindr since most of the guys there aren’t very enticing, and the ones that are scoff at the idea of a hookup, much less a gloryhole. Late at night it turns into a different story though. Magically, guys with profiles that say “I don’t hookup” are hitting me up saying “Looking?”

6x15 Deepthroat Cum Swallow (18:31)
Just a fun video where I was practicing my skills. Guys seem to like it when you deepthroat them when they’re cumming, but you can’t do it too soon. Gotta get them completely over the edge into full blown orgasm before you think about going all the way down.

6x16 Double Sided Gloryhole 06 Rained Out Blue Collar (15:52)
It’s been raining a lot here, which is bad for business. Not just mine, but real business too. This guy can’t really work in the rain, and so he let getting a blowjob be a good excuse to get out of the house on a rainy day. I don’t know why so many people don’t understand that giving someone your cell phone almost certainly means they can see your facebook. Needless to say, this guy is recently the proud father of twins.

6x17 Double SIded Gloryhole 07 Senior Skip Day (37:56)
This guy was extremely yummy, and he shoots cum like… well, an 18 year old. My high school didn’t have an official senior skip day, but I guess to avoid any trouble some schools just set a day aside for their seniors to get into some debauchery. This guy certainly did! I wonder if he’s going to tell his friends he sucked my cock on skip day?
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