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Mmmm. Look at the snapshot I uploaded of Caleb Andrews getting a blow job. One of the hottest scenes in my stash. Makes me wanna flip him over and go to town! But he's the one who goes to town on a brunette boy in that scene. Anywho, somebody elsewhere was SO nice as to make this available, and I suspect he wouldn't mind if others see it here.

Kevin Clarke ALWAYS annoys me with the self-envisioned grandiosity he thinks he's bringing to all of his videos, along with his tendency to over-zoom. I don't need to see individual rectal hair follicles, buddy--or at least not for 30 seconds at a time. His stuff's good in general, though.



A.K.A.:  The Fac(ial)es of New York

Country:  US

Studio :  IOP Productions, Latino Fan Club

Cast:  Caleb Andrews, Alejandro, Viper, Scarface, Johnny Biddulph, Charlie Moore, Adam Barrera, Mat Newmarke, Alan Jones, Randy Knight

Director:  Kevin Clarke

Director Kevin Clarke takes all his talents with twinks (and Lord knows the man has talent to spare in that department) and melds them beautifully with the horse-dicked papis of New York's Latino Fan Club and comes up with this hot as sin ode to young lust, tricking in the Big Apple (Sarah Jessica who?) and facial cumdumps.

All of the scenes are hot, but our faves here in the office are the opener with the skate rat punk and the adorably bearded young twink "hippie", and the finale in which creamy smooth Caleb Andrews' mouth and ass gets totally pummeled by dreamy ruffnecks Alejandro (pant, pant) and obscenely mega-dicked Viper.

In short, this is one City that's definitely worth living in.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the press notes:
"New York City is a melting-pot. The American City is a celebration of the diversity that is New York. Featuring Caleb Andrews, star of the GayVN Award winner The American Way 3, and Latino Fan Club superstars Alejandro, Scarface and Viper, it is a story of the city as seen through the lens of a video camera. The cast includes five newcomers and the biggest star of all - the city of New York.

The Hippie and the Punk-Rocker:
Newcomers Johnny Biddulph and Charlie Moore start off the video with a delightful show of boyfriend passion. Two college students in the Big Apple show what real boys act and look like. Passionate sex and playful interactions show off these very sexy young men.

Marathon Boys:
Set against the background of the New York City Marathon newcomers Mat Newmarke and Alan Jones are joined by Latino Fan Club superstar Scarface, who gives them a first hand experience with street sex. Scarface takes control of the two young men and dominates them and the scene as he takes turns pile driving both.

The American Way 3 star Caleb Andrews is featured in this scene with newcomer Adam Barrera. They meet and are immediately attracted to each other and take in the sights of Time Square and other NYC landmarks before consumating their new friendship with some torrid sex. Big dicked Andrews throws a fuck well beyond his tender 18 years, and Barrera willingly takes all he has to offer.

Speaker Phone:
The essence of porn has always been the opening of one's intimate behavior to others. In Speaker Phone newcomer Randy Knight takes commands from Dion over the speaker phone and gives a tour of his body and sexual proclivities that leave nothing to the imagination. Caleb Andrews plays the universal voyeur and watches from the shadows.

The Dirty Boy:
After Randy finishes, Caleb heads to the scene of the crime and is caught there being dirty by two Latino Fan Club superstars - Alejandro and Viper. This scene is an instant classic that is sure to be talked about for years to come. The two macho Latin studs pound the young Andrews into the middle of next week and teach him a lesson he will cherish for the rest of his life."

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