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Rudeboiz 18: Sweaty Sport Scallies

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Cat Skilton, Chris Edwards, Christopher Crawford, Jamie West, Justin Dean, Kirk James, Ryder, Steve Spy

features scallies in sport kit, soaked with spunk and sweat who are horny as hell. With ripped, lean lads, desperate to shag and suck each other senseless, you'll be spurting shitloads of cum, while these dirty lads indulge in the deepest fucking imaginable, worshipping each other's bodies and even their trainers. With trainer sniffing, fucking and spunk across the soles, if you like sports gear, you're in for some filthy fun.

Two horny scallies in a swanky stolen ride head back to their hideout to work off the sexual tension they’ve been building up all day. After a hot journey home, telling each other exactly what they’re gonna do to the other’s tight, smooth bodies, their huge cocks are rock hard already. They’re down to fucking straight away with sweaty trackies being pulled right down and smooth, pert arses being rimmed long and deep. After a good, hard fuck session, both boys end up covered in cum, which they wipe up with a baseball cap.

A horny chav lad sits at home wanking to his favourite filthy porn DVD, even bending down and licking the end of his own thick cock as he jerks it. He’s caught in the act by his fit flatmate, who decides to join in with his wank session, then turning it into a full on fucking. These two horny perverts take of their trainers and suck in the musky, sweaty scent from inside them, before sliding their throbbing dicks inside fucking their shoes. There’s a full-on foot fetish feel going on in this scene which culminates in both of them cumming hard.

More sexy council lads are out on the streets nicking bikes and causing trouble, which means they have to leg it back to their flat fast. Hot and sweaty after their chase, they’re all worked up and ready to blow, so they work off their energy. The older, tattooed lad gets his young, dark haired mate to suck on his hard, throbbing dick, as he breathes in the scent of his trainers. He returns the favour by getting to work on the lad’s own bulging dick, pulling back his foreskin and working the head hard. It’s the older guy who offers his arse though, letting the boyish chav rim and finger it thoroughly before he slides his fat cock right up inside and fucks him rough before they both pump spunk over their sneakers.

In an abandoned flat, a very angry scally smashes about and looks for a way to take out his anger, until his cute tattooed mate arrives and gives him the perfect way to blow off some steam. The blonde, babyfaced lad forces his dark haired mate to his knees and rams his cock straight into his mouth, before he drags him against the wall and roughs him up, giving his own hard cock a good sucking. After some filthy 69 action on an old mattress, the tanned, Northern scally gets his mate on his hands and knees and pounds his tight, pale arse relentlessly, fucking every full inch of his hard cock deep inside him, while he makes him sniff his filthy trainers."
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