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Graffiti Sprayer - badmasterboys

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DescriptionAlex is such a Philistine. Master Maxim and Master Locha are busy composing a work of art on a tunnel wall when Alex stumbles upon them and calls their composition a ¬ďmess¬Ē. To add insult to injury, he threatens to call the police. The two guys are not impressed. Maxim spits on the floor in contempt and tells him to fuck off, lest they start spraying on his car. Instead of backing off, Alex again threatens to call the police. Bad move. He is overpowered by the two young Masters and forced to the ground. Maxim plants his foot right on Alex¬ís throat and looks down at him. ¬ďStill gonna call the cops?¬Ē Without waiting for a response the two boys shake their aerosols and start spraying a BMB logo all over Alex¬ís coat in green and blue. As some of the colour ends up on Maxim¬ís shoe he stomps it onto Alex¬ís chest and demands that it be licked off. Master Locha enforces this command with a few complimentary kicks to defenseless Alex. Alex is supplied with plenty of saliva for the task though. Alex tries to fight them off, but it is futile. He is overpowered. Alex protests that he will remember what they look like afterwards but the boys merely reply that Alex won¬ít recognise his own face after they¬íve finished with him. This is not an empty threat but a warning, which you will appreciate later on in the film. Next Master Locha rests his Nikes on the slave. They are filthy and need lots of attention to remove the mud. ¬ďLick it off old man,¬Ē he orders. While Alex struggles to get as much off Iocha¬ís shoe dirt into his mouth as he can, Maxim sparks up a cigarette. He flicks the ashes onto the victim with perfect nonchalance as if Alex were born to be an ashtray. After depositing a huge splat of saliva on the slave, Iocha fancies a cigarette and sits on the ashtray to light up. What is particularly cruel is Maxim tormenting the slave by administering cigarette burns all over him and laughing while carrying out such systematic abuse. Master Locha has been sat on the human furniture for a while now and decides it¬ís time to stretch his legs. He starts trampling over Alex while Master Maxim taunts and jeers at the slave about what he¬ís going through. You don¬ít disturb an artist at work and then call his composition a ¬ďmess¬Ē. The bubble of hope that Alex had of escape has now officially burst. Alex must now serve as a human pony. The two boys mount his back and tell him to move his fat arse. The pony¬ósorry I mean Alex¬óbuckles under the boys¬í collective weight and to make matters worse, the ground is covered in stinging nettles. After a long and painful haul, Alex delivers the boys to their destination: Alex¬ís BMW. Master Maxim appropriates the car keys for himself and sits in the passenger seat with his feet dangling outside the car. Master Locha delivers a few sharp kicks and the victim is now in place to worship Maxim¬ís sneaker dirt. After licking the sneakers clean and being foot-choked by a muddy shoe, Alex has one of Maxim¬ís farts let off in his face. The boys collapse with laughter. The victim¬ís sense of humor is a thing of the past. The boys get comfortable and chill-out with a cigarette while using the pig-slave as a spittoon and an ashtray. Master Maxim mentions matter-of-factly that Alex has a nice car and that it now belongs to him. Alex gave up trying to resist long ago. He willing allows himself to be duct-taped over the mouth with one of Maxim¬ís shoes positioned over his muzzle as a torture gas-mask. The boys demand that he take in deep breaths through his nose (as his mouth is now sealed). His nose is now promoted to ashtray status. Now Alex gets to smell and taste the bitter sweat of their socks and feet. Master Maxim goes first but comments that Iocha¬ís socks look a lot worse than his. Locha agrees that they are rancid. Maxim balls up Iochas socks and forces them in the slave¬ís mouth. Alex writhes as the smell nearly knocks him out. Maxim checks that the slave has not passed out and Locha asks Alex how salty the socks are. Master Maxim has an idea; he positions his slave so that, as they sit in the back and put their feet up on the front seats, he can worship all four feet at the same time. He removes their socks and gets to enjoy the sweet taste of BadMaster toes. He complains that he needs something to wash down all the toe debris into his stomach, but the boys consider their foot sweat to be sufficient lubrication. In order for us to see Alex¬ís work, Maxim assumes the role of camera man to show us. Now we see Maxim¬ís feet being worshipped from a BMB point of view. Alex¬ís ordeal is at an end. The boys decide they¬íve had their fun and Alex agrees not to call the police...for now... The first BadMaster videos were shot over half a year ago and instantly gained a huge following. And still we offer up top quality films featuring the original number one Master Maxim and our latest addition ¬ďThe Graffiti Artist¬Ē is no exception. Master Maxim is a true Master who is naturally cruel and has a bottomless well of creative ideas to ¬ďMaxim-ise¬Ē a victim¬ís suffering. His acerbic verbal abuse, cheeky humour and love of seeing grown men turned into human pigs mean his slaves do not recover from a session with him very easily. Master Locha is an ideal colleague for Maxim¬óhis innocent appearance contrasts beautifully with his penchant for violating Alex¬ís human rights.
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