Idol in the Sky (1996) Odyssey DVD

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director Taylor Hudson (Chi Chi LaRue)

Aaron Austin
Adam Wilde
Bo Summers
Dino DiMarco
Hawk McAllister
J.T. Sloan
Jordan Young
Joshua Sterling
Kyle McKenna
Ryan Idol

He's back ... harder than ever. Megastar Ryan Idol rips out of the sky in an actual L-39 jet and into his most lavish movie to date. As the bad ass fighter pilot, Commander Ace Idol, he uses the raw power of the U.S. Navy - and his huge dick to keep his men on their toes. Wach as this amazingly hot cast flies, drives, runs, rides and even jumps from the sky to please the man in charge. When Commander Idol is on base, every recruit, and every cock, stands at attention. Director Taylor Hudson delivers the year's biggest blockbuster in a no-holds-barred, no-expense-spared feature full of men, muscles, and rock hard meat. You asked... and we're telling all.

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