Elder Holland - Bonds of Brotherhood (with President Oaks and Bishop Angus) FHD

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DescriptionPresident Oaks met with Elder Holland regularly during his mission. He spoke with Elder Holland at length about his recruitment efforts. He was especially interested in having the boy recount the steamy details of his interactions with Bishop Angus.

Holland was no stranger to talking about his sexual exploits with the Brethren, and he enjoyed the response he got from President Oaks during his recounting. He noticed several times that the older man adjusted a boner concealed in his pants as he described the way it felt to cum inside the bishop's hole.

Elder Holland couldn't stop thinking of Bishop Angus' ass. The beefy man's backside was impressive and solid, befitting his muscular physique and masculine appearance.

Holland was no stranger to fucking the smaller, boyish missionaries he recruited. And he enjoyed feeling that kind of power.

But nothing was quite like mounting a muscular gorilla of a man.

Within days, the smooth, blond elder found himself back in the temple to meet with President Oaks. He was always excited to spend private time with the salt and pepper leader.

As he made his way into the large, white room of the temple, he saw sitting Bishop Angus, sitting patiently on the white couch-the same white couch he'd fucked him on before. Behind him stood President Oaks, gesturing to Holland.

Elder Holland felt himself flush with arousal. He had no idea what was in store, but couldn't be happier to be with these two men. Between his history with President Oaks and his recent passion for Bishop Angus, his heart and his cock both pulsed furiously under his garments.

"Take a seat," President Oaks said firmly to the young man. Holland obeyed and sat next to Angus, waiting for a sign of what he should do. "I've heard from both you, in great detail, what went on in here last time you two were together. Say it again for me now."

Timidly, Elder Holland answered, "Yes, President. Last time... I met with Bishop Angus, and we... we..." Holland began to trail off, surprisingly even himself with his shyness about the subject. Somehow it felt weird talking about fucking his superiors-even though he was getting a taste for it.

"It's okay, son," Oaks told him warmly, placing his broad, strong hand on his knee. "You can say it."

Taking a breath, Holland spoke, "I... fucked him, sir. I fucked Bishop Angus."

President Oaks smiled. "Good boy. I hear it was a good time, and I'm very curious to see it for myself." Oaks leaned forward, placing his hands on their shoulders. "Elder Holland, Bishop Angus? Stand up."

The two men did as Oaks said, standing up off the couch and facing each other. Oaks made his way around to their side, standing close behind Elder Holland. Taking one of the boy's hands, he placed it on Angus' broad, suited chest, and said, "I want you to undress him."

Elder Holland began unbuttoning the bishop's white suit jacket happily, eager to once again see the muscular man's body. Through the white shirt he uncovered, he could see now only the man's garments underneath, but he could see the faint shadow of his thick chest hair as well as the subtle contours of his excited nipples sticking out.

Everything about Bishop Angus was large and powerful, making his stripping all the more thrilling. President Oaks sat on the couch watching the two men in front of him. Once again, he found himself casually brushing his concealed erection in his pants thinking about Holland and Angus.

While Elder Holland undressed the bearded bishop, Oaks stole touches along the boy's butt and back, feeling the athletic build of the boy's body. Holland enjoyed the feeling, but it could hardly distract from the site of the man's increasingly naked body.

Once Bishop Angus was down to his garments, Holland could see the man's large sausage-sized cock rising up under his underwear. His thick member nearly burst through the opening in the front, compelling him to grab at it lustfully while leaning in to kiss the handsome man.

President Oaks moved closer to watch the young boy toy with the older man's erection, eager to see them get more physically entangled.

"Take off his garments as well," Oaks ordered, as if he was directing their actions solely for his amusement.

Holland did as he was told, pulling the shirt of his burly companion, taking in the sight of the man's full, developed, hairy chest. He immediately pulled down his shorts as well, leaving the man full naked and fully aroused.

"Now, let's take care of him, Bishop Angus," Oaks spoke up, smiling as he brought himself even closer.

Bishop Angus knelt down, bringing himself to his knees and began unbuckling Elder Holland's belt. In a few quick gestures, he pulled down the boy's pants and garments and brought out his hard cock. He took it into his mouth, tasting the boy's young member slide on his tongue and fill the back of his throat.

As Angus worked the boy's erection, President Oaks stood up and positioned himself next to Holland, taking his tie in his hand and pulling him close. He brought his mouth in on his, pushing him into a passionate kiss. He began to unknot him, slowly starting to undress him.

Oaks and Holland removed their clothes, stripping down to their garments while watching Angus move up and down on the elder's thick cock. President Oaks could no longer resist his own excitement, taking off his pants and pulling out his cock.

Bishop Angus turned to his silver haired colleague, watching his erection emerge from his garments and stick out inches from his face. He grabbed his balls from the base, taking him fully into his hands, and pulled the president into his mouth.

"Go sit down," Oaks instructed Holland, patting the top of Angus' head to pause. Holland did as he was told, leaning into the corner of the couch. President Oaks followed after him, leaning himself against the boy's torso and positioning his mouth over his cock. He held onto it with his hand and began to suck on it. Following this action, Bishop Angus similarly kneeled down, placing his head in the president's lap and continued to suck him as well.

Elder Holland looked down as he watched the two men sucking. It was insanely hot to see President Oaks lapping up his pre-cum and swallowing his shaft. It was even hotter to see Angus doing the same to Oaks. He didn't think it could get any better than this.

That, of course, was soon challenged, as President Oaks dropped the back of the daybed, flattening it once more into a wide mattress. The sexy leader stood up and led Angus on top, directing him to get on all fours, facing Elder Holland.

Elder Holland sat back on the edge, eyes wide and penis swollen. Bishop Angus grabbed at his thick member and resumed sucking on it while his round, muscle butt arched in the air. President Oaks stoked his wet cock and kneeled behind Angus on the couch.

Holland watched as the gray haired president then placed his erection between the bishop's cheeks and pushed himself deep inside. He couldn't believe it! President Oaks was now fucking Bishop Angus!

He looked down to see the bearded man moan on his cock, feeling every inch of the sexy president move inside him. Holland remembered perfectly how well the burly man's ass felt, and couldn't wait for his turn to slip inside...

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