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Alex Mecum & Justin Matthews (aka SeanCody-Taylor) Pack

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Justin Matthews 2011-03-10 [SeanCody] Taylor's Solo Interview.wmv [245.61 MB]

(Nearly Two Years Later Taylor Finally Comes Back for his first Hardcore Scene)
Justin Matthews 2013-02-01 [SeanCody] Taylor's First Time (Breaks Dalton's Cherry).wmv [525.06 MB]
Justin Matthews 2013-03-21 [SeanCody] Taylor Fucks Aidan.mov [792.83 MB]
Justin Matthews 2013-04-30 [SeanCody] Taylor's Bareback Fuckfest with Jarek Liev & Dennis.mov [899.81 MB]
Justin Matthews 2013-05-16 [SeanCody] Taylor Tops Newcomer Adrian.mov [674.16 MB]
Justin Matthews 2013-05-28 [SeanCody] Taylor's Threesome Fucking Jarek & Brent.mov [1.01 GB]
Justin Matthews 2014-04-17 [CockyBoys] The Music Man - Kiss Hug Fuck Love (with Colby Keller & Duncan Black).mp4 [597.38 MB]
Justin Matthews 2014-04-28 [CockyBoys] Hammers Dillon Rossi.mp4 [536.92 MB]
Justin Matthews 2014-06-02 [CockyBoys] Dominates Levi Karter.mp4 [319.62 MB]
Justin Matthews 2014-08-22 [CockyBoys] Bottoming Debut with Tayte Hanson.mp4 [372.75 MB]
Justin Matthews 2014-09-06 [CockyBoys] Flip-Fuck Jake Bass.mp4 [471.62 MB]
Justin Matthews 2014-11-05 [CockyBoys] Flip-Fuck Max Carter.mp4 [512.42 MB]

Alex Mecum 2015-07-03 [CockyBoys] Hardcore Scene Debut - Tops Justin Matthews (720p).mp4 [540.26 MB]
Alex Mecum 2015-07-03 [CockyBoys] Hardcore Scene Debut - Tops Justin Matthews (1080p).mov [1.25 GB]
Alex Mecum 2013-12-15 [LegendMen] First Solo Video.flv [654.97 MB]
Alex Mecum 2013-12-15 [LegendMen] First Solo Video.mp4 [230.76 MB]
Alex Mecum 2013-12-30 [LegendMen] Second Solo Video.flv [644.29 MB]
Alex Mecum 2013-12-30 [LegendMen] Second Solo Video.mp4 [224.38 MB]
Alex Mecum 2014-02-04 [LegendMen] Third Video with Alec Calderon (Oral Only).flv [740.63 MB]
Alex Mecum 2014-02-04 [LegendMen] Third Video with Alec Calderon (Oral Only).mp4 [305.90 MB]
Alex Mecum 2014-07-29 [LegendMen] Fourth Solo Video.flv [564.91 MB]
Alex Mecum 2014-07-29 [LegendMen] Fourth Solo Video.mp4 [213.54 MB]
Alex Mecum 2015-06-23 [LegendMen] Fifth Video.mp4 [111.69 MB]
Alex Mecum 2015-07-11 [LegendMen] Sixth Solo Video (Butt-Play).mp4 [141.76 MB]


(March 10, 2011)
SeanCody: There's just something about sexy little farm boys! Taylor's family owns several hundred acres of farm land in the south. He enjoys the country life, but once he graduated from high school, he couldn't wait to take a year off to travel — and that brought him to us. And he does have a dirty streak... When you live in area where the nearest neighbors are miles and miles away, what do you do? Trade dirty pictures of yourself on your phone, of course! "What is the dirtiest thing...?" I cautiously asked about photos he has received. "Cucumber in the ass... pretty dirty," he responded. "Wow! That's impressive," I joked. "Depending on the size of the cucumber. What is the dirtiest thing you've sent?" "Nothing too dirty, you know, some nut on my abs..." So he's a bit of a bad boy with a sweet face and a very hot, athletic, toned body who doesn't mind sending out pictures of his cock!

(April 16, 2014)
CockyBoys: Justin Matthews may look like your standard football jock with his hard 8-pack and wide shoulders, but at heart he's an extremely creative person with some mind-blowing musical talent. He could easily give Jack Johnson and John Mayer a run for their money, and this isn't even counting the fact that he loves being naked. Everything comes very naturally to Justin -- from the lyrics in his songs to his sexual encounters -- and he holds nothing back. He's one of those guys who's 100% in touch with who he is, and that's what makes him so attractive. Welcome to CockyBoys, Justin!


(December 15, 2013)
LegendMen: Muscle stud Alex Mecum or Alexander Mecum is super hot and has a huge list of talents and qualities. He's a classically trained pianist, singer, scholar, health fanatic and now he's taking on modeling in fashion, fitness and adult gay erotica.

(July 03, 2015)
CockyBoys: Alex Mecum is so... fucking... sexy. That's the only way to describe this macho hunk of a manly man, simple and to the point. He's got a great smile, gorgeous blue eyes, a buff body with just the right amount of hair and that beautiful thick cock... damn Alex! No wonder his last name is "Mecum." Believe it or not, Alex has never had sex on camera until he came to CockyBoys. But he's already developed quite a huge following after filming just a few solo scenes elsewhere. Yes, he's that hot! For his hardcore initiation, we paired him with the sexy baby face with a big heart and cock, Justin Matthews. While Justin is usually a top, his legs were in the air the second he met up with Alex who pounded him six ways 'til Sunday. Originally from Utah, Alex is looking to break free from his country roots and explore his sexuality to the fullest at CockyBoys. Of course, we couldn't be happier!

Some Scene Descriptions:
1) Justin Matthews 2013-02-01 [SeanCody] Taylor's First Time (Breaks Dalton's Cherry).wmv
Sometimes it takes the straight boys a little while to come around and try new things. I always enjoy getting a call or e-mail from a guy I haven’t seen in a while. I remember really liking Taylor because he was cute and shy. I also remember that he seemed to have a little bit of a wild side. Even though it had been nearly two years, he was very excited to come back. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” he said. “It sounds fun!” Dalton was also excited. “This will be my first time getting fucked,” he said. “I can’t wait!” Both of them were really shy when they first met. Dalton kind of led the way and things warmed up quickly!

2) Justin Matthews 2013-04-30 [SeanCody] Taylor's Bareback Fuckfest with Jarek Liev & Dennis.mov
“There’s a lot of meat in there!” Dennis said, wide eyed. Liev, Taylor, and Jarek were in the next room waiting to fuck him. “I am going to get filled up!” Dennis was really excited, especially about Taylor, the “newbie,” as he called him. “He’s really cute,” Dennis said. “I can’t wait to see what he can do!”

3) Justin Matthews 2014-04-17 [CockyBoys] The Music Man - Kiss Hug Fuck Love (with Colby Keller & Duncan Black).mp4
Meet Justin: A true southern boy with a big heart, a beaming smile, and a strong passion for music. He lives his life the same way he plays his guitar--on the fly. Along with Colby Keller and Duncan Black, Justin's version of the perfect day is collected into simple pleasures in life. And from that perfect day he creates a perfect song, sung around the campfire with friends and lovers. (Note: The music you hear in this film is a result of a collaboration between Justin Matthews, Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian, as all there worked to create both the mood, energy, and a sound track to a life well lived.)
When Justin hears the faint sounds of Colby and Duncan making love, he joins Colby and Duncan in their bedroom. It's obvious by the way they kiss that this is much more than just a fuck for each one of them. Justin and Duncan go down on Colby and both suck his dick at the same time, taking turns devouring Colby's huge dick and trying to fit it in their mouths. It's not too long before Duncan's ass lands right on Colby's face and Mr. Keller wastes no time diving right into it with fingers, tongue, spit, and finally - his big dick! Duncan Black proves to be arguably one of the most talented power bottoms we've ever seen on the site so far - and for those of you who know us - we've seen A LOT! He not only swallows Colby's massive meat in his ass and Justin's huge cock in his mouth but he also bounces back into it and begs for more! The lines between sex, love-making, passion, and aggression are blurred to the max as Colby floods Duncan's mouth with his load and Justin covers the rest of his body with cum. Every load is big, every thrust is hard and deep, and every kiss is soft and gentle. This is nothing short of pure sexual art!

4) Justin Matthews 2014-08-22 [CockyBoys] Bottoming Debut with Tayte Hanson.mp4
Both Tayte and Justin identify as mostly top, however Tayte did mention in another CockyBoys scene that he would love to do a scene with boy-next-door Justin Matthews. "I know he's a top," Tayte said in the interview. "But we'll figure it out!" And figure it out they did, because three months later the guys met in New York for the first time and hit it off immediately. Neither Tayte nor Justin has ever bottomed on camera before, so they thought it appropriate to break each other in with an equal-opportunity flip-fuck. Justin was feeling nervous since Tayte is known for his huge dick, but Tayte on the other hand was all smiles, excited to finally get pounded on screen, even commenting that Justin has the "perfect boyfriend penis." The guys first bonded over their love of the outdoors, fishing and hanging out, jogging, and of course getting naked in public. With the sparks flying, Tayte began to suck Justin off deep in the woods which naturally led Justin to return the favor. Then in a surprising twist, it was Tayte who became the main aggressor with Justin moaning almost nonstop as soon as he first sat on Tayte's cock. Who knew Justin would be such a vocal bottom? Justin wouldn't let Tayte off that easy, though. Pretty soon it was Tayte's turn to get fucked, so Justin positioned him over a log and began reaming him doggy-style. But what really tipped Tayte over the edge was getting the same treatment in missionary. The guys literally shot their loads seconds apart! This scene is proof that two talented tops can definitely enjoy a nice flip-fuck!

=============//When Alex Mecum Meets Justin Matthews==============
5) Alex Mecum 2015-07-03 [CockyBoys] Hardcore Scene Debut - Tops Justin Matthews
Alex is new to the adult industry but no stranger to showing off. He's a self-proclaimed total exhibitionist posting videos online of himself jerking off and wearing a buttplug outside when doing yard work. But make no mistake - Alex is all man! He's a big, built, dominant, rough, hairy, alpha male who couldn't wait to get inside Justin Matthews. Justin - whom we all know and adore so very much - was beyond excited about surprising Alex in the pool with a blowjob. In his own words, he just "had to get his mouth on his big thick thick". But the action doesn't stop just in the pool. The two are just getting started. Surrounded by nature and lush greenery Alex and Justin suck, rim, and fuck the way only two real man can - rough, deep, and hard! Judging by the absolutely massive loads that both of them shoot it was easy to say this is by far one of the best fucks these bushes have seen so far!

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