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Christian Taylor vs Jonah Richards

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DescriptionJonah has a reputation for shooting off his mouth. He's cute as hell and more fun than should be legal but on the mats heĆ¢??s known to be arrogant, self absorbed and as cocky as they cum! And so for utter contrast, who better to match him with than our sweet Christian? And what a fortuitous stroke of brilliance it proves to be since they complement and contrast one another splendidly, bringing out the very best (and the very worst!) in each other, and proving in spades the old adage that opposites attract.

After a raucous entrance and acute verbal exchange the action begins with the taller Christian gaining the upper hand with a reverse bearhug. The discomfort on Jonah's face is exquisite, but he somehow manages to muscle his way out of the move, pick up Christian and toss him unceremoniously to the mat. An underhand suplex backfires on Jonah leaving Christian lying on top of his opponent and sarcastically chuckling "that was bright." With Jonah trapped in a compromising position, Christian decides to have a little fun by banging his forehead into Jonah the punk's junk and even spanking him! Jonah makes Christian pay for that sexy transgression with a punishing headscissors, and with Christian firmly under his control, Jonah slowly strips him of his jeans, then switches holds and finishes off our tall pretty boy with a tight tasty boston crab for the first submission.

Eager for revenge, Christian announces that it's "time for Round 2." Christian brings Jonah down and locks on a leg split, but Jonah will have none of it proclaiming, "I'm not losing this match, bitch!" Before he knows it, Christian finds himself schoolboyed with Jonah slapping and riding his face. Bucking free from under Jonah the jockey, Christian peels the punk of his shirt. He should have tossed it well out of reach because it's soon tied around his neck as Jonah takes control of this match with a cross body scissors and choke! Jonah is arrogant enough to tell Christian how much time he has until he passes out, but this just pisses off Christian until he explodes with a burst of power, resuming control of the match with an awesome single leg boston. When he adds a butt smack and serious ball grab has Jonah wailing in pain, submitting the equalizing fall to crafty Christian.

Once again Christian uses his power to wrestle Jonah down and contain the cocky twink, but Jonah is a slippery sucker! The intensity and aggressiveness of the match escalates as dirty tricks are used showing that neither of these two beautiful men want to lose and will go for the win, whatever the cost. Nipple twists, hair pulls, ball grabs and punches allow Jonah to introduce Christian to his crotch in the school boy position. Tit for tat as they say, since schoolboy face smothers seem to be the hold du jour! But not to worry; it's evident that Christian is enjoying the action even if his opponent is proving 'harder' to beat!

If the boner under his sheer undagear is any indication, Christian is definitely enjoying Jonah's...um...challenge. Speaking of "hard as he can," the action obviously has escalated Jonah's wild side. His aggressive wrestling style has morphed into an aggressive tongue wrestling match as we see the first lip lop of the match. Only Jonah could smack you and kiss you at the same time! He even goes so far as to sink his teeth into Christian's beautiful butt. (But then again, who wouldn't be tempted to?) The action that follows is fast and furious with punches, crotch claws, head scissors and a body scissors/sleeper combo that sends one of the lads off to dreamland.

With the action now steaming hot, the boys move on to more intimate fun. Jonah asks, "Why did we fight in the first place?" Answer: To give us fans one hell of a show, Jonah...that's why! And is it any wonder Christian is a big fan favorite? He's hot, he's sexy, and yeah, he's a helluva cute twink. But there's also a sincerity and a sophistication and maturity that radiates through those exquisite eyes. He'd look great in trunks or tuxedo. And we can't wait to see what Taylor and his twinks have in store for us next!
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