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Prague Buddies 4

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DescriptionDirector William Higgins is back with his unique band of Eastern European performers for "Prague Buddies 4: Tales of the Ancient Bohemian Woods." The locale is often as sumptuous as the men themselves and the carefully filmed and edited sex. It's an opulent and handsome production.
In the first scene, injured Pavel Korsakov, a good looking guy with an amazing body, calls on his loyal pal Peppino Sobota, a cute brunet, to help him with his gear so they can go off to the remote Bohemian woods and fish. Poor Peppino gets stuck carrying everything, but when they arrive at the site, Pavel's friend Andel, a square-faced looker in army fatigues, certainly notices Peppino. However, Peppino isn't invited to the three-way sex scene with Pavel, Andel and Lada Vostry, a thin intense guy.
Pavel and Andel start things off with some making out and when Peppino enters, Andel is on his knees blowing Pavel with Lada looking on. Peppino watches, jacking off his big cock to the loveliness of the action he's watching. However, there is some very noticeable eye contact between Pavel and Peppino that gives the scene its force, even though nothing hardcore transpires between them. With dark lighting dancing off their lithe muscular bodies, Andel goes back and forth blowing Lada and Pavel before Lada has his ass fingered by Pavel. Andel helps out by blowing Lada as Pavel is having a fine time fucking him. Lada cums being fucked, followed by a massive load from Andel and then one from Pavel. Andel gets a chance to bottom for Pavel, and sideways no less. The camera shoots from every conceivable angle as Pavel continues with his fuck before all three get to fuck again. Peppino has the final say, letting one rip while standing over the other three. Peppino and Pavel exchange one last meaningful smile before the scene ends.
Later, we are treated to footage from a small town cultural festival, replete with all sorts of dancing and cavorting as El Greco, a tall muscular chap who bears more than a passing resemblance to American pop singer Justin Timberlake in the curly-haired phase, winds his way through the crowd. He's relaxing on a bus bench when shaved headed smooth Ivo Skala comes bounding off the bus, desperate to get to the festival. When El Greco tells him he's missed it, he asks him if he knows of a place to stay, and of course El Greco has one to offer. El Greco takes him deep into the forest where they can play in another deserted ruin. "This doesn't look like the Hilton, dude," Ivo says, but when El Greco shows up behind him, amazingly beautiful in all of his muscular glory, and sporting a gigantic hardon, the accommodations suddenly seem less important. However, it's El Greco who gets busy sucking Ivo first, chowing down on his also gargantuan cock. El Greco's passionate blowjob, coupled with exquisite filming, turn a technically ho-hum sucking into a real spectacle. They switch places for Ivo to suck for a few moments before El Greco sits on Ivo to skewer himself on the thick cock. He rides nicely, clearly wanting as much of the dick as he can fit. Ivo fucks El Greco missionary, which works even better because the entire dick fits in this way. El Greco cums a generous load and Ivo follows. These well-hung partners go back to the beginning, with El Greco again sucking Ivo before they tumble into a 69. However, these two are at their best anally, so after Ivo plays with El Greco's ass with a dildo, he returns to his own dick and another highlight is born. Ivo cums again and then El Greco follows.
Pavel Dubcek is out riding in a very fancy riding costume when he comes upon a castle. As he's hitching up the horse and looking around, this long-haired beauty spies three guys playing soccer virtually without clothing. He fixes his gaze on Jirka Kalvoda, a standout hunk. Jirka goes to pee, which lets Pavel have a sneak peak at Jirka's cock and when Jirka sees Pavel jacking off to him, he goes to join him, and so starts a great scene, one full of passion. Pavel, only a step behind in body development, blows Jirka as his own hair tresses flow around in the wind. Jirka is well oiled, so everything pops out beautifully as his boner is treated to a hearty suck by Pavel. Jirka proves he is an able sucker, so the natural placement is a 69, where they next find themselves. Their combined spunk and interest makes this sensational, as worthy of their good looks and bodies as can be wished. Pavel gets fucked, with cameras everywhere to catch it. Jirka is allowed speedy access into Pavel's ass and the sex is given a little more screen time here because it's that damn good. There is a gorgeous section where Jirka reclines against a wall and Pavel backs himself up and down on Jirka's dick. It's not laziness on Jirka's part, but talent on Pavel's. Jirka, having lovingly spent that section gripping Pavel's dick, goes back to active fucking before both of them have great loads. Jirka then takes a split second to rim Pavel, whose ass certainly deserves a little tickle between fucks, before squeezing his cock back in when Pavel sits on it. They truly whip through every possible position before each cums again, Pavel with his best of his three loads.
When Jirka left his soccer game to pee, he left round-faced Mylan Forman, with a body almost as chiseled as his, and Cage Kejc, a leaner version with piercing eyes and a very handsome face, not to mention a reedy muscular body of his own. They go into the castle calling for Jirka, so Pavel slips out the other side and Jirka pretends to be asleep when they find him. However, his half-hard cock shows that he's ready for more, so Mylan begins to suck him while Cage jacks off the blowing Mylan's cock. Mylan then falls to his knees for Jirka and Cage, preferring Jirka's big dick, but spending nice time on them both. Jirka sucks Mylan for a bit and then they fall into a 69 that is as notable in its sucking as it is in showing off Mylan's very fuckable hairy ass. When Jirka finds his way to it, he fingers it as Cage looks on hungrily. Jirka is strong and powerful, using the same tricks he did on Pavel. Cage then gets to fuck Mylan, who has his dick sucked by the tireless Jirka. Mylan then sits on Jirka's dick for a slow-paced ride with Cage's dick in his mouth. This workout gets Jirka to cum without a hand anywhere near his dick, while Cage blasts a wowing shot all over Mylan's back. Mylan has a good one, too, and then it's time for more work! Mylan, having a blast this time, blows the guys again and then gets fucked by Jirka. They look at each other (and the camera) as if they are going to devour each other as the spunky Mylan sits and rides on Cage as Jirka stands at his face and lets him have a dick to suck. This sit-fuck is their best moment. Mylan cums a healthy load, followed by another great one from Jirka and a final stunner from Cage.
Handsome spikey-haired Russlan Karpov, who sports an absolutely deliciously smooth muscular body under his overalls, stands with a pitchfork and watches tall brunet Jordi Cosimo ride around on a horse. Russlan slips into a fantasy that has him blowing the heck out of hairy-chested Jordi on an outdoor staircase overlooking a beautiful patch of trees. Jordi is next in the never-tiresome line of massive cocks in "Prague Buddies 4." Russlan is up to the challenge, blowing Jordi with huge devotion, his own ass poking at the camera teasingly. They switch places and an excitable Russlan gently face-fucks Jordi, who has an easier time sucking Russlan's more manageable cock. Again, the camera seems obsessed with Russlan's ass. They 69, and Jordi achieves a deep-throat and then Jordi rims Russlan. Jordi then fucks Russlan, his unkempt crotch slamming agreeably at Russlan's welcoming ass. They actually work up a nice amount of momentum, pushing the envelope from the beautiful slow fucks before them, with Jordi quite motivated and Russlan allowing just about anything. Russlan then rides on Jordi, with Jordi's cock looking even bigger here. A little missionary gets the speed back on track, with Russlan's entire body tensed up. Jordi jacks Russlan off and then Russlan does the same for Jordi, who ends the scene with a splashy blast.
A soldier comes up to another of these sex-ready ruins in the Bohemian forest. His plastered bangs and big clunky chain are additions to this hunk's good looks and as soon as he's ferreted inside the ruin, Vladimir Caspia arrives, not seeing the soldier. Vladimir has equal buffness to the soldier and handsome eyes above all else. He settles down, shirtless, and begins to eat a banana as the camera worships his chiseled body. Naturally, the banana gets more of a blowjob than a chew, which gets both the soldier and Vladimir all hot, so both end up jacking themselves off. Both have stiff thick wankers and their solo work takes them next into the courtyard of this house, where the soldier sits unseen on a wall above Vladimir, who not only jacks off, but happens to protrude his ass in the soldier's direction. They move to opposite sides of a dirt road where Vladimir finally acknowledges the soldier's presence and they stare at each other lustily as they continue until conclusion.
Peppino and Pavel are back from the first scene, Pavel still walking with a cane and Peppino still tending to him. This time, however, Pavel has a new boy-toy in tow (literally, since Peppino is rowing them on a river on their way to -- you guessed it -- another ruin), blond hottie Jozeph Markovich. Peppino prepares a lovely picnic for them, and horny Jozeph drizzles wine down Pavel's body so he can lick it off. Not once does anything Jozeph do break the gaze between Peppino and Pavel. Peppino then serves sausage, which meets the same blowing fate as Vladimir's banana in the previous scene, and then Jozeph takes the wine act to Pavel's dick, which he blows aggressively as Pavel sucks down watermelon, allowing the juice to coat his chest as Peppino looks on, cock in hand, eager to participate. As Jozeph continues his very good suck, Pavel instructs Peppino to turn around so he can look at his ass. And, as Peppino watches jealously, Pavel fucks Jozeph. Pavel really means it, leading with his abs and pulling up the rear with butt-clenches as he dishes out a very passionate fuck, perhaps goaded on by the fact that he finally grabs Peppino's dick as he fucks Jozeph. Everyone cums for the first time and then Jozeph goes back to blowing Pavel as Peppino sits inches away, showing off his ass. Pavel starts to play with the hairy hole, but the bottoming chores again go to Jozeph, who props himself up against a brick wall for another resounding fuck from Pavel. Once again, the fuck roars into high gear when Pavel grabs Peppino's cock before everyone cums again.
Stars:  Jordi Cosimo  Pavel Korsakov  Mylan Forman  Andel  Ivo Skala  Jirka Kalvoda  El Greco  Pavel Dubeck  Peppino Soboto  Jozeph Markovich  Cage Kejc  Russian Karpov  Lada Vostry  Roman Tomas  Vladimir Kaspia 
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