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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-06-20 |
Original upload: 2009-01-12

Director: Doug Jeffries

Starring: Marcus Allen, Robbie Angel, Theo Blake

Featuring: Brent Everett, Dallas Foster, Drew Peters,
Holden Grey, Jacob Slatter, Josh Carter, Matthew Matters,
Owen Hawk, Sergio Anthony

In this Doug Jeffries' creation, a down-on-his-luck coach and
his group of ragtag baseball players win a surprise victory over
a more polished, athletic team, and ... no, wait, that was
"The Bad News Bears."
"Little Big League" is rife with sports imagery (as it should be),
and more rife with jocks who can hardly wait to get back to the locker
room and fuck around. The cast, especially Robbie Angel, Theo Blake
and Drew Peters, is eminently watchable throughout, and the direction
is confident and assured.
In the opening scene, we learn that, due to budget cutbacks,
one of the coaches of a school's baseball program will lose his job.
The two rival coaches, Marcus Allen and Theo, will be judged on who
wins the big game between the two teams.
Marcus, with his usual suavity, sneeringly informs Theo that due to
his usual fucked-up performance, there's no way he'll win. Theo stalks off,
and then Marcus grabs boy-toy Robbie Angel, who is more like a butt-boy than
a batboy, for a celebratory suck-and-fuck. Robbie's small build and almost
hairless body make him look like he's ready for Tee Ball, not university sports,
but he is an accomplished cocksucker, quickly swallowing down Marcus' thick rod.
Marcus gradually loses almost all of his clothes (he keeps his tie on) while Robbie
stays in his uniform, moving from Marcus' dick to his asshole with his oral
All of the preliminaries are really great, but when Marcus bends Robbie over and
thrusts inside his tight ass, things begin to boil. All of the elements come together:
Robbie's moans and groans, Marcus' relentless assault on Robbie's petite and shapely ass,
and camera angles that are perfect, beautifully catching all of the action from
a few different angles. Marcus is slamming into Robbie missionary in the end,
then Robbie jerks his dick to a splattering climax, and Marcus loses it all
over Robbie's leg almost simultaneously.
Two players, one whose professional name sounds like an affirmation from a 12-Step program,
Matthew Matters, and one who has a charming crooked grin, Sergio Anthony, meet up in the toilets
of the locker room. Matthew has a tall, gangly, boyishness to him that is completely captivating
(and his huge dick is also an asset), and Sergio is adorable, with an ass that won't quit.
Sergio and Matthew enjoy long, mutual blowjobs, and Matthew seems to be enjoying himself
tremendously, making lots of faces and encouraging Sergio with dirty-talk.
Sergio bends over a bench, his cock rock-hard, and Matthew slides into him and begins to fuck.
These guys seem to be mutually turned on, and there's a lot of very hot banter between
them as they fuck.
In a really good camera shot, from underneath, Sergio's ass just looks completely
plundered by Matthew's cock, almost like he's being split in two.
It's just as hot when they move to the floor, and Matthew fucks Sergio sidesaddle.
Sergio stands and shoots his load all over Matthew, who jerks off his own meat,
and a big jet of cum flies over Matthew's body and smacks him in the side of the head at the end of the scene.
Meanwhile, back at the other team's locker room, we find out how the athletes develop
their sense of team spirit when hugely hung Brent Everett steps out of the showers
and shoves his already-hard cock into platinum blond Drew Peters' mouth.
This is the spark that starts a locker room orgy for the entire team.
As Holden Grey reclines on a bench and lazily strokes his erection, Josh Carter,
Jacob Slater and Dallas Foster join Brent and Drew. Jacob Slater does his best
to double-suck Dallas and Brent, which is very ambitious, certainly, but almost
a physical impossibility, considering how well-hung they both are.
Jacob moves on, flipping Holden over and rimming his ass, then Dallas joins them
and Jacob gets a taste of his ass, too. Jacob continues to be the driving force
behind the orgy, jumping from stud to stud like he can't make up his mind which one he likes best.
Drew, too, is an amazing performer here, getting fucked by Jacob, and later taking an enormous dildo
in his ass (and all of this with his shoulder and arm in a sling).
In the end, cum flies everywhere, most of it landing on Dallas,
who is in the middle as the guys blast off one by one. Watching Brent bounce his big meaty
dick up and down after he blows his load is the highlight of the finale, followed closely by Jacob,
who hits his dick with his fist to knock off the remaining drops of cum.
Coach Theo, who has been cleaning up his act all along the way, gets to tell off Marcus in the last scene,
as Owen Hawk polishes his trophy (no, not a metaphor) and Theo grasps his bat (not a metaphor, again).
Theo jumps right on Owen, pulling down his uniform pants and tonguing his furry asshole, which is nicely
framed by a jockstrap. As Theo loudly slurps and smacks his way around Owen's shapely ass,
Owen says things like "Oh, Coach Blake" and "Slap my ass again, Coach!" It's all very, very erotic.
Owen fucks Theo, slicing into his meaty ass and pounding it from behind,
and then Theo instructs Owen on how to use a big black dildo on his coach's ass.
Theo takes almost all of the 12-incher easily while jerking his dick,
and the camerawork in the scene is excellent, showing off Theo's hairy ass as it drips lube every time
Owen pulls the dildo out. The studs have side-by-side cum-shots, and both release juicy, wet loads,
with Owen's landing on Theo's hairy torso.

Enjoy :)
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