Str8hell - Ivan Seman - HOT ASS

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1. Str8hell - Ivan Seman - HOT ASS.mp4
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Description - Ivan Seman is a very sexy guy. He looks so good as he kneels on the bed, in just his underwear. He rubs his hands all over his sexy body. He gropes himself in his underwear and then sits on the bed rubbing his groin and all over his sexh chest. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel Ivan's chest and groin. The hands remove Ivan's underwear, releasing his cock and balls. The hands run over Ivan's body, cock and balls. Then they pull Ivan's legs in the air to expose his sexy ass and hot hole. The hands run over the ass, dripping oil onto it as well. The the oil is rubbed in, spreading the ass cheeks to pull on the tight hole too. That hole looks so inviting and a finger soon beging to probe it, slipping inside. The finger fucks the hole gently and then comes out. Ivan's cock and balls are rubbed too and then the finger slides back into the hot ass. As the hole relaxes a second finger joins the first and they both work it. The fingers fuck deep into the hole, right up to the knuckles. All the while Ivan holds his legs up against his chest, showing off that hole. The fingers come out and a toy is pushed deep into the ass. It fucks Ivan deep and he takes it so well. Then he turns over, onto his knees for more fucking with the toy. It comes out of the ass and the hands pull on the cheeks to show off the hole. Then the toy goes back in and fucks even harder. Ivan pulls on his cock as his ass is fucked and spread. As the cheeks are spread the hole opens up a little before the toy is shoved back in, all the way. Ivan moves, laying on his shoulders with the ass high in the air for the toy to fuck it some more. He pulls his cheeks wide apart and moans as his hole gets fucked real good. The hole opens up nicely as  the toy is removed. Then Ivan moves back onto the bed and wanks himself to a nice, creamy, cum shot. He milks the cum out of his cock after a great video.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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