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Down home boys with thick cocks and rouged good looks, these boys get down and dirty with the best of them. Watch as these guys suck and fuck all over their trailers and homesteads. Director Joe Serna brings you the toughest straight guys in the business.

Scene one stars two new comers Alex Gunn and Marc Jackson. The two find each other very attractive and start an instant on screen romance. The two passionately make out for several minutes before moving on to each others cocks and butt holes. The two both have tattoos and hot young bodies. While being fucked hard on a table, the two give some very hot dirty talk. They finish the escapade with some hot cum eating action.

Next is two very straight acting guys, Trey Richards and Xavier Nice. Trey who is enjoying some alone time watching straight porn, is interrupted by Xavier who decides to join in and rub one out. Trey gets to fuck Xavier from behind while they continue to watch porn. Xavier turns in to a power bottom wanting more and more, beging for his ass to be pounded. You can really tell these two love to fuck.

Mickey Steele and Jason Phisher are very hot together. These boys from the south have hot bodies and thick hard dicks. They suck long and hard on each other cocks. These straight guys then do some fucking. Mickey from behind plows his thick cock deep into Jason's tight ass. His bubble butt pulsates back and forth as he fucks him.

At the kitchen table playing cards, Haven Johnson and Vincenzo Mazerati bet some cock and ass. The two end up on the table kissing each other and grabbing cocks as their military dog tags dangle. Reaching deep into Vincenzo's underwear he pulls out a fat hard cock. These two jar heads make an excellent pairing. Haven then gets his chance to stick his piece of meat in Vincenzo's ass. The two fuck for a while then attempt to shoot there loads into their own mouths, HOT!

Cast: Marc Jackson, Alex Gunn, Trey Richards, Xavier Nice, Mickey Steele, Jason Phisher, Vincenzo Mazarati, Haven Johnson
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