♺ [Bull Video] BLV063 stand by face down

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-10 |
[Bull Video] BLV063 Yotsumbaitaiki

Studio: Full video
Release year : 2009
Duration: 1:18:12

Gachidebu Horishi Hiroshi, spree committed Erotic hole!

  (Hiroshi) 169cmX94kgX34 years Hiroshi

[A part] VS Hiroshi
  Tech hole top and bottom, two Tamaran!
  Kota (Kota) 168cmX89kgX48 years

[B Part] VS Hiroshi
  Meat folds that stick!
  (Satoru) 169cmX94kgX34-year-old Satoshi

[C-part] VS Hiroshi
  Nasty catcher appearance!
  (Yoichi) 173cmX114kgX27-year-old Yoichi

[D Part] VS goggles Lehman 174cmX92kgX36 years
Sweaty is Ass!
  (Ryohei) 170cmX105kgX23-year-old Ryohei

[E Part] VS Hiroshi
  Cubs to be attacked!
  (Over) 163cmX80kgX35-year-old Wataru

Tags: ~bear
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