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RawCastings - Casting #904 - Colby J - Casting Director & Colby

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1. RawCastings - Casting #904 - Colby J. - Casting Director & Colby.mp4
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Description - Colby is on the casting couch, today - a young straight guy from Florida (Who would have guessed?!?). When a guy like Colby is broke in Florida, there is usually a specific couch that he ends up on - the Raw Casting couch, of course! Colby is typical in every way: he likes playing video games, exercising, watching TV, and eating either burgers or hot wings. The casting director seems more than excited about getting his dick into Colby's virgin ass, but he continues the interview as he photographs Colby undressing and doing some poses. Colby must like the attention, because he is sporting wood almost immediately. He has a great body, and a solid cock, so it looks like Colby might be a perfect candidate to get into the biz. Once the photos are all finished, Colby begins to seems a little less confident, though. He breathes a heavy sigh, asking, "Do I have to keep my eyes open?" just before he swallows the director's cock. It seems like, for Colby, this is the moment in which the gravity of the situation finally hits him. He almost looks like he might back out, but Colby is a trooper, and he makes his way through the BJ. Next up, the director positions Colby on his back with his legs in the air, and he puts the head of his cock near Colby's butthole. The expression on Colby's face at this point is somewhere between resignation and loathing. He might as well be about to eat his least favorite food or be stuck in an elevator with a group of people he despises. It takes a few minutes before the casting guy's cock is sliding smoothly in and out, but the look on Colby's face doesn't change, nor does he make much noise other than muffled grunts. After a while, Colby asks, "How am I doing so far?" to which the director responds: "You're doing really good, buddy." From a technical perspective, at this point Colby is doing fine. He can suck a dick and get fucked, but he seems like he is on the verge of either tears or bashing the director's face in. So the director tells him to act more like he enjoys it. "This dick feels so good in me," Colby says. On the one hand, judging by the look on his face, he is lying. On the other hand, he might just not want anyone to ever think he enjoys it, and thus ends up going home and jerking off fantasizing about this moment for years to come. Whichever is true, Colby can definitely get fucked, so the director goes on to fuck him in several more positions before nutting on his freshly fucked hole. Colby then gets himself off while watching some video on his phone. Or is he simply re-living in his mind what had just been happening the past 30 minutes? Raw Casting at it's finest.                     

For more detail see screenshot. 

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