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Three sets from CMNM (Clothed Male Nude/Naked Male)
These all involve sets with some hot boys but not the usual older men who are teasing them. Two of the sets feature Billy, a very sexy boy whose naked scene I have enjoyed MANY times. It's available here: https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=1329e9b47e942e353438b38b4e23f0f94b5e9d9d21fd8036

Bobby: The club is full of guys swaggering around with their balls full of cum and too much pent up aggression. Tough guy Bobby is a really mouthy fucker. He can't stop himself from opening his big gob once he gets going. As the evening pushes on and he's the worse for wear, he starts slagging off everyone in the club. The muscular angry men hanging about the corridors who haven't got lucky yet have little patience for this feisty guy who acts like he's got the biggest cock in the club.

Jaime: Lots of macho young guys like to have wild nights out at nightclubs where they can get bladdered and have sexual adventures to brag about on Facebook and Twitter. With high levels of testosterone on display it's inevitable that boys will butt heads and flaunt their cocks to show who has the biggest. Hot-headed men like to gang up and strip each other to prove who is the most dominant. Here it's finally revealed what dirty filth happens between these guys in the privacy of the club's men's room which they will never dare tweet about.

Paul: In the doctor's office fit young men are totally vulnerable to whatever expert examinations the professionals want to subject them to. They are totally vulnerable and must acquiesce to whatever requests the doctor makes. When going in for a check up these trusting men assume that the doctor in the office is who he says he is. They never suspect that the doctors may be imposters looking to get their dirty kicks and take advantage of a trusting naked man.

Seed bonus appreciated.

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