[Coat West] Lucina - Romance 1

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DescriptionThis Series Took An Unnecessarily Long Time To Find But The Satisfaction Was Worth It! Especially Considering The Quality!




Description From Website Translated:

and the video even brand title than work now feel the mind more than ever renewed !! now in the "Romance" Eros reduction !! first issue become Now his paddle to the largest theme in the Ace model Hitoshi Masato the "rolling" of the introduction, development, turn, conclusion, wings, bright, Natsukawa Shuang, Yusuke, expand the eight models of our people is Romance ! Why do not you light a Romance of the fire in your heart?

when ① is suddenly eye in the middle of the night woke up, and endearing sleeping face ... Mushoni to love one want to become impulsive ... behavior when Jin took the next to? People How do or respond to it ...? when it becomes that

② best friend ... I suddenly lonely and has gone to far, you go to see it remembered those words to him ... that feeling? The Yusuke feelings take what wings Chi ...? The

③ not go, the more you tries to break the two people ... thought that each other are attracted, while I think that it does not go, the mind in a straight feelings have become ... brother-Shuang that prompted the brother brother Tell is!? I want to believe

④ , and I want stay to believe is not ... the side, to open what it will and to become ... paddle the hearts of the door of obediently unacceptable Yu people the feeling to break from their own whether ...? In between

⑤ included! shooting the hottest OFF SHOT !! to approach to model their real face to show

Description Original:

今作よりブランドタイトルも「Romance」に一新!! 今まで以上に心が感じるエロスを映像化!!

創刊号となる今作は起承転結の「転」をテーマにエースモデル仁・優人を筆頭に櫂、翼、輝、夏川爽、裕典、陽斗の8人のモデルたちがRomanceを展開! 貴方のココロにもRomanceの火を灯してみませんか?

①ふと夜中に目が覚めた時、隣には愛おしい寝顔… 無性に愛し合いたくなる衝動… その時仁がとった行動とは? 陽斗はそれにどう応えるのか
②遠くに行ってしまった親友… ふと寂しくなった時、あの言葉を思い出し彼に会いに行く… その気持ちを翼はどう受け止めるのか? 裕典の気持
③いけない、いけないと思いつつ惹かれあう2人… 想いを断ち切ろうとすればするほど、心は兄を求めてしまう… 兄・爽の真っ直ぐな気持ちに
④信じたいのに、信じれない… 側に居たいのに、自分から壊そうとしてしまう… 気持ちを素直に受け入れられない優人の心の扉を櫂はどう開く
⑤大人気OFF SHOTを収録! 撮影の合間に見せるモデルたちの素顔に迫る!!

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