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Description-TICKLISH OLO WORSHIP: I was really horny when I realized that I will be the first man in Olo's life that will touch him in the sexual way. To be honest, I didn't care about his homophobic attitude - I wanted to lick his trainers, socks and soles because it's not common to have a permission from the rebel tough boy to do whatever you want with his smelly feet.
I started licking his worn Adidas trainers, touching his sexy legs and cheeks. When I took off the shoes
I was in heaven - his white socks were full of sporty male aroma... But when the boy was barefoot, I noticed that
every move of my tongue is a real tickling torture to him! He was constantly laughing even when I softly touched his soles with my fingertips! I must confess - I am in love with straight Olo's feet!

-OLO'S TICKLING NIGHTMARE: Olo is the most ticklish model we've had so far, he is UNBELIEVABLY ticklish! This juv delinquent who's very familiar with knives, gang fights, petty crimes has got this bizarre weakness we exploited thoroughly. Because of his 'past' Olo is frequent visitor in various police stations, those encounters are not tea-parties, and he's taken lots of beating there so far but no one has tried this one on him yet. So it's time we make this up for him.
We stripped him, tied to the couch and then went on and on... Olo went hysterical, nuts even mental I dare say.
You just listen to his machine gun laughter, swearing, begging, screaming, crying. Each tool we used worked very well on him. From each spot (feet, tummy, balls, cock, etc) we got brilliant response. He begged us to stop
but well... After we'd finished he was so weak and exhausted that even a little girl could easily beat up his arse.

-OLO BEDTIME TICKLING: It's 4 in the morning and our cute straight model Olo is incredibly exhausted after all night with two pervy men. Being beaten, tickled, wanked off and deflowered is not everything that we want to do with him this time. To torture him even more, we aren't going to let him sleep. Instead of it, he is intensively tickled by me and my friend all over his boyish tired body. His soft feet are more and more ticklish! There is no worse torture for extra ticklish boy than having his feet tickled by two sadistic men for almost 20 minutes!

-OLO TICKLING TORTURE: Olo is back! Six months have passed and there have been some changes in his life. He's given up (at least for now) his young gangsta life and found a good job at a construction site. He has changed a bit - more mature, more muscled and more tanned. But what hasn't changed at all is his extreme ticklishness!!!
Stripped completely off his clothes he ended up eagle spreaded on the sofa and had extra free weights tied to his feet for better immobilization. I started form his armpits by stroking them gently. Olo got instantly a bit twitchy and then I pushed him further. I started to scrape softly with my fingers his pits, tummy and he burst with his 'signature' machine gun laughter. I was alternating firmer digging with going in circular motions on his body with my fingers. He was loud, swearing (obviously in Polish) and in between laughing fits he somehow managed to ask me to scratch his nose! Having done that I tickled his neck and ears and then went to pits again.
Then it was time for something harder - ribs counting! And again pits and his cute abdomen.! Then I moved down to his vulnerable groins and inner thighs - and he was jumping all over the bed, his voice getting hitch pitched. I gave him a few seconds to gasp some air but only a few since tormenting him is sooo pleasurable...
The grand final were his meaty soft feet. That was the horniest to torture! Look and close ups of his wrinkles soles, crunched toes and jerking when he was trying all he could do to avoid this torturous sensation. He was mumbling something at the same time but no one really paid attention. I tickled his feet for a moment along with his tummy too. He was begging us to stop. Just look at his face expression towards the end when he's turned into wimpy pup, struggling to laugh any longer, desperate to be let go...
Finally we let him go. But it wasn't the end of surprises we had for him for the rest of the night...

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