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Campus Gloryhole - Private Videos Set 5

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Description5x01 Big Cock in an Adult Video Arcade Booth (4:06)
Hanging out late one night at an adult video arcade when I happened upon this monstrous piece of meat. Check out those abs too! I impressed this guy so much he kind of transformed from getting-his-dick-sucked mode to being sweet and pleading for my number.

5x02 Friend Uses My Place for a Hookup (13:00)
Some of you may recognize of this guy from other places ;-) He was visiting and found a guy he wanted to hook up with. Problem was, neither of them could host, so I cut a deal.

5x03 I Blow The Blond High School Boy While His Dad Runs An Errand (2:48)
I’ve been trying my damnedest to get this guy again. He’s been busy and has a new job at a burger place. We’ve even tried to meet up while he’s on break at work in the restroom. Trashy, I know ;-) Nothing worked out until a lazy Saturday afternoon when he sends me a Kik asking me to rush over right away. His mom and siblings were gone for the weekend, and his dad had left for a short time on an errand. I rushed over and gave him some relief. Risky as hell, but worth it. I tried to get him to stand near the window… you know, so he could “see if his dad pulled up” a.k.a. there was better light over there, but he was stubborn so it’s a little dark.

5x04 Intact White Trash Dad (10:59)
The always horny and cum-filled dad hit me up and I was happy to oblige. We started in the living room, but got *ahem* interrupted. Secluding ourselves in the restroom we were able to get what we both needed.

5x05 Private Gloryhole Project - Guy 1 (10:08)
A friend of mine has been wanting to build a solid gloryhole at his place for some time, but we were finally able to get together and make it come true. This was one of the first guys we got. I’m not much (not at all) an ass eater, but this guy thought he’d try his luck… and waited quite awhile haha! He finally gave up trying to get his ass eaten and gave me what I wanted though ;-)

5x06 Private Gloryhole Project - Guy 2 (2:08)
My friend blows a young skinny guy… Finished him quick before he was really even rock hard. Maybe he’ll drop back by more regularly so he doesn’t bust so quickly.

5x07 Private Gloryhole Project - Guy 3 (26:34)
In an endearing and respectful manner, I’d definitely call this guy a computer geek. I sucked and sucked to no avail, but apparently, what really got him off was for him to do the sucking. After a short stint of me letting him enjoy my cock and him wanking, he stands up and cums all over my dick without my approval :-P

5x08 Car Cam Intact Red Headed Hick (9:13)
Again, in an endearing and respectful manner, this guy was kind of goofy, but fun. I couldn’t pass up an intact white boy though; they’re too rare and an under-pleasured class of guy ;-)

5x09 Car Cam Rabbit Massacre (9:00)
This straight guy was absolutely down for some discreet head… Sexy as fuck and a quick cummer. It’s kinda long towards the end as I drive him back. Listen for the *thud thud* of a rabbit’s self-sacrifice.

5x10 Car Cam Deaf Regular (9:59)
I think this is the 4th time I’ve blown this guy. I’m not for sure what issues he has, but I definitely didn’t blow a mentally handicapped guy haha! He’s real cool and just graduated from a much better school than me; he’s just deaf and has some motor issues. His massive cock has no issues though! I was still working out the kinks in the car cam setup when I made this, but his expressions are still hot!

5x11 Car Cam Staying At His Dad's (11:01)
Grindr comes through again ;-) This cute guy was down to full around right off the bat. He was staying at his dad’s and hadn’t had much to do there. Horny and bored he turned to me ;-) I love watching him contemplating the right moment to try and kiss me. Sorry, that takes place off camera (unintentionally) for the most part. This was also the encounter that I discovered that this particular infrared light gets too hot and cuts out if left on high power too long :-/

5x12 Car Cam Stoner Touches & Sucks First Dick (18:59)
If you recognize this guy, I’m not for sure he’s working in the oil fields any longer. That, or he’s been on a long vacation and has had plenty of free time to party. I do also know he has an unexpected baby on the way… guess he should have been using my mouth. This particular night he was much later than expected (not a surprise for straight guys). His brother dropped him off and I heard him give his brother a warning about the potency of “something” he was leaving with him. He didn’t know I was parked there and went inside his apartment. Not sure if he was going to flake I tried messaging him and finally got a response. He wasn’t acting too interested, but confessed he’s been wanting to try fucking since his girlfriend wouldn’t ever let him fuck her in the ass. As a tease to get him to come out to my car, I let him know I might be interested. Seconds later I saw him walking over—smh—and he hops in the car with a rock hard dick ready to go. Apparently, that one little tease instantly made his dick hard and he came rushing out! I could still smell weed on him, and after a bit he told me there were some other things he wanted try. He’d never touched another dick and definitely never sucked another dick, but was curious. After a little more getting him horned up, I let him know my dick was always hard and might satisfy his curiosity. After a little mutual jerking, he wasn’t satisfied and decided to go for a taste ;-) He wasn’t shabby for a first-timer ;-)

5x13 Car Cam First Time Getting Head From A Guy (10:32)
This guy was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. He’d been hunting on MeetMe all day and night looking for a girls to fuck. He finally gave in and said if I were willing to make the drive he’d let me suck his dick. The front light in this one didn’t work, but it’s still a really hot scene, and his talking is even hotter. My favorite line is, “At least I can say I’ve done it, but I’m never gonna say I’ve done it.”

5x14 Car Cam Ginger High School Boy With A Fat Cock (11:47)
This tasty treat had just turned 18 two weeks prior to our first meeting. He had told me how he knew girls were useless for getting head and wasn’t real convinced I could do any better. HaaHaaHaaaa! Needless to say, at the end of the video you can tell that me blowing his cock had blown his mind ;-)

5x15 Car Cam Double Cum (17:49)
Sexy stoner guy needed some more head and I was happy to help. I sucked one load out of him, his cock was still plenty hard, and so I just kept sucking. Very shortly after that, I got another load out of him, and he was completely in ecstasy. His dick was still hard, but I asked this time if I should keep going. It seems to orgasms in 15 minutes is enough to subdue him. I’d been having a rough time staying in contact with him, so I gave him an old cell phone I had laying around that he could use on Wi-Fi. It hasn’t turned out to be any better at getting ahold of him, but I did set it up where any photos or videos he makes with it are automatically backed up online… to an account I can access ;-) Hopefully, he’ll start using the camera on it to make some videos of him fucking his pregnant girlfriend ;-)

5x16 Car Cam Ginger High School Boy... That Was Better Than Last Time (15:36)
It was two days later and he was begging for my services again. This kid is so tasty, but it’s a two hour round trip every time to blow him. I’m easily tempted though ;-) Last time I got a real taste for what specifically worked for his dick, and this time I let him have it. I once again, blew his mind and he even let me know that that was better than the first time.

5x17 Car Cam Ginger High School Boy... You Ever Shower There (22:39)
Yum yum yum… so sexy and sweet. I’ve never thought of myself having a red-head fetish, but I guess I really do ;-) I took some extra time with him this round. I also really enjoy our chats we have before and after. We were talking about working out and swimming, and right as he about to climb out of the car he asks about my gym, “Do you ever shower there?” I’ve been meaning to ask the motivation for asking me that. Haha! I’m not for sure if he’s apprehensive about someone like me checking out his sexy body, or if he’s just self-conscious about his own body. If it’s the later, I need to reassure him that envy is the only thing anyone else would feel about his naked body ;-)

5x18 Car Cam Intact Guy with Tight Nuts (4:01)
This guy literally posted on MeetMe “Someone suck my dick!” I had to reply. After very little convincing, I was rushing over to park at the back of his apartments. He had some good sized nuts, but they were tight as hell! No dangle whatsoever! He didn’t want to be gone long in case his roommates suspected something, so he repeatedly grabs the back of my head and forcefully fucked my face. When he cums he does the hottest thing a straight guy can do and forces my mouth all the down on his dick ;-)

5x19 Car Cam For Fuck's Sake (28:01)
This guy hit me up! I mean I had viewed his profile, but he sent me the message “hey sexy” first. He was completely down to get some head, problem was, it was already nearly 3AM and he was 2.5 hours away from me. I made him promise he’d be awake and still needing some good head if I drove to him. He still lived at home in the middle of nowhere and goes to this community college out there. I did see some photos of the girl he’s hanging on in the photos in other photos with a baby, so he might be a father too ;-) Halfway there, he starts doing the “do you fuck?” thing after I had already told him I was only interested in blowjobs and we had agreed upon that :-/ I gave him lots of excuses but agreed to stop and grab some condoms thinking I could just suck him off real quick and we wouldn’t have to get to that point ;-) Boy, was I wrong! I sucked and sucked and tried everything I knew, but he kept nagging me about a condom. I pretended to look in my center console, but couldn’t find the condom [that I didn’t have]. Still persistent, he decided he didn’t care and started ordering me on top of his dick. I still gave excuses, he still ordered, and I gave in. We never really got going too well because we were in the FRONT SEAT OF MY CAR! Whatever, haha! Since he was taking so long, it did give me an opportunity to restart the camera after it had timed out (if you were wondering about the jump). I slyly opened the glovebox to restart it without him noticing. This guy actually did cum quite a bit… all over my leg, center console, his leg, his stomach, and MY SEAT! The hottest part though is when I give him a wet wipe, he tries to clean up the seat a bit, but doesn’t even care about himself. Nope… he just pulls up his boxers and shorts and slides them up over all the cum on his lower abs. Meanwhile, I’m on the other side of the car going through a dozen wipes and in a hurry put my underwear on backwards :-P

5x20 HS Senior - Future Marine (1:29:32)
Don’t get too used to this videos of me fucking or getting fucked; it’s something I rarely enjoy. This hot ass high school senior has been begging me for weeks to bitch him out though. He’s leaving for the Marines right after he graduates in a few weeks, and supposedly is into girls. I’m not saying he isn’t, but there is definitely some inner faggyness he hasn’t exactly dealt with yet ;-) I guess that’s why he wants to be my slave, haha! This is a long video and it’s not always framed up too well… I had the camera on my bedside table. I guess I should mention that he’s never been fucked before. I wasn’t trying to lay into him too hard, just trying to ease him into his lifetime of submissiveness ;-) I wish he weren’t so eager to get a load of cum in his ass, but it was hot listening to him talk about where all on him guys have cum. Umm, who were these guys? Where are they now? And do they want to join me in using your gorgeous body? He has some issue with getting off… like the only way he’s able to do it is by grinding on the bed. We tried, unsuccessfully, but had fun doing it ;-) His dick is real sensitive, and the part where he tries to squirm away as I pin him down and jerk him off is the best ;-) Oh yeah, I get him to try poppers too… and he liked it… I’m so corrupting ;-)
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