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In DVD #11 "Matt Worshipped and Seduced", you will meet Jason a muscle fan who loves to worship and service hot muscle dudes. The original idea was for Jason to meet with, hangout, and have me flex and pose in a pair of shorts for strictly a muscle worship scene as part of a muscle worship DVD. What you will see unfold is my being seduced to the point of blowing my famous Muscle Matt Load all over his face and in his mouth a "Matt Facial". After the camera stopped rolling, we rushed him a towel to clean what he did not swallow. The scenes with Jason were not meant to go as far as they did; however he ended up sucking my dick for an hour, the hottest scenes of which make up this 40 minute DVD. This certainly pushed my limits and broke several boundaries including showing more of my face than ever before.

The Guidelines For Filming:

Jason had a few requests. 1) That he be somewhat be disguised. 2) That I keep an open mind and relax. 3) We meet right after a long sweaty workout. He wanted me pumped and fresh from the gym, and 4) I not wear any underarm deodorant when we met.

I had 1 request, well 2 actually. That he stay completely dressed throughout the DVD and 2) If at anytime I was uncomfortable with anything the filming would stop.

DVD 11 starts out with me entering the room through the bedroom's glass door. There in the living room I meet Jason for the first time, we shake hands and sit down for an open no holds barred talk. He asks some questions about workouts, my website, and me. We talk a little about my gear auctions, how and why I started this and eventually asks if I mind taking off my shirt. He compliments my definition and asks me to pose for a famous muscle Matt double bicep shot. I pose from the front and then from the back when Jason asked, "Can I touch your biceps"?

This is how it all began when he massages and caresses my shoulders, arms, pecs, abs and back. Then he tells me he likes my masculine scent and sniffs my armpits, and asks if I mind if he licks my armpits. I'll admit, I was a bit embarrassed by my after workout smell but the thought began to arouse me. I lifted up my arms and Jason licked me all over as if I was a double scoop of rocky road ice cream. My dick began to get hard.

This continued until he confessed his foot fetish and asked if he could remove my sneakers and smell my feet. He smelled my sneakers and began removing my socks. Again, I hesitated but quickly got hard as I felt him sucking my toes and licking in between each toe sucking and messaging.

By now I was getting into it, and the camera just kept rolling. Eventually he convinced me to strip down to my underwear so he could worship my legs. The wine was taking affect and my dick was still throbbing from the armpit scene and foot worship. What happened next was not intended for this DVD!

He wanted to see my dick, and being proud of my 8-inch tool I pulled the elastic of my Calvins down to reveal a growing hard-on. He jumped on it like a hungry lion on raw meat, sucking, licking and yanking on my balls with his mouth. There was no turning back. Here I was a single, horny, healthy dude that was getting off on the admiration. The bottle of wine and my hard-on would not let me fight my urge to blow a load.

From that point on, my inhibitions were lost and what came over me was an animalistic instinct to get off. I was enraged, my dick was engorged and we kept filming. For the next 45 minutes or so, Jason obeyed my every command and sucked my dick every which way he could. He choked several times as I rammed it down his throat. I thought, "Fuck, if he wants it he is going to get it"! He took it like a champ! Stroking and sucking, slurping and moaning until I was ready to feed him a healthy Muscle Matt load.
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