♺ Dirty Tony - Eddy Adams Fucks Dayton O'Connor

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Eddy Adams is a tanned muscly hunk from the Rocky Mountains. He is into the great outdoors and sports a hard, rock climber's body. Eddy is a free climber with no need for ropes for his feats of strength. Dayton, on the other hand, is a sexy city slicker who knows a thing or two about knots but nothing about mountains. He is eager to share an interest with Eddie, especially if it means he gets to put his greedy hands on the bronzed hunk. Dayton's eyes gleam as he starts the ritual of knot and rope. Before you know it, he has Eddy hog tied and helpless on the table. Eddy is not so sure how that would help on a climb but is a good sport about it. Dayton gets a little more practical and fashions Eddie a snug rope harness tight around his chest. Lucky Dayton can't help but notice the rock hard body he is working with and after the fitting is done, he lets his hands do a little extra exploring. Eddy's nipples perk up and his cock gets hard as the binds get tighter. Dayton works his way down Eddie's taut pecs and runs his adventurous hands down his six pack and into Eddy's tented shorts. Nothing could have prepared Dayton for the surprise Eddy carries around with him. Dayton kneels before the boxer clad beast, first sizing it up with his eyes and then with his lips. Dayton unhinges his jaw and goes to town bobbing on Eddy's monster cock. With a deep breath and a quick prayer, Dayton lowers himself slowly onto Eddy's ass splitting spear. Rocking back and forth, Dayton spreads his cheeks to envelop the large intruder. Dayton rides until his knees give way and he is then bent over my coffee table and fucked within an inch of his life. Flipped on his back, Dayton receives his true punishment. Loving every second of the pummeling, he is happily choked out by the rope that was just binding Eddy the mountain man. Dayton takes all nine inches like a champ, the true power bottom fucks back with every thrust until he rockets a huge load from his engorged cock. Eddy is pleased as punch watching his new bud quiver with pleasure. Eddy drops his creamy protein wad into Dayton's hungry mouth, spreading it all over his scruffy chin.
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