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Blue Blake's new epic is about a guy who, through flashbacks and fantasies, comes to terms with the fact that he likes dick better than pussy. "Hard as Rock" is laced with the kind of energy that is all too rare -- every scene is powered by desire. To the stars' credit, they manage to stay in character in the middle of the action throughout the video, and director Blake wisely has left in ad-libbed sex dialogue that is completely believable. Thanks to the better-than-average acting skills of the cast, particularly Brad Rock, and the filthy mouth of bodybuilder Scott Gunz (who has a solo scene that actually does rock), "Hard as Rock" succeeds on many levels, and not just as an your average sextravaganza.

To get things started, Blake uses the tried-and-true porn convention of the star picking up a skin magazine only to have it trigger a hot fantasy (in which he doesn't appear). Fully dressed, beside a pool, Rock peruses the aforementioned magazine and the scene shifts to two hot young men.

In the fantasy, hot Latino Xavier and tattooed trade stud Rhett O'Hara go at it in a bedroom, beginning with Xavier slobbering over O'Hara's white briefs, then his thick meat and balls. They move to the bed for a short 69 session, then Xavier thoroughly wets down O'Hara's butthole with his tongue, and sucks O'Hara's balls while O'Hara jerks his meat. O'Hara then tongue- and finger-fucks Xavier's ass, talking dirty all the while about how he's going to fuck him. In a great close-up shot, the camera catches O'Hara's thick meat spreading Xavier's chute open, then Xavier rides O'Hara's dick, spreading his legs wide for deeper penetration. The scene ends with a missionary-style fuck, and Xavier sprays his load all over his torso while O'Hara is fucking him. O'Hara then moves up and shoots all over Xavier's head, face and neck.

Back at the pool, the scene has heated up Rock considerably, and he strips off his clothes. Rock's body is great, but his equipment is better -- he has a thick, fat dick and massive, low-hanging balls. And his intense ice-blue eyes and handsome face also enhance the overall package.

In the next scene, a flashback to his time in the slammer, Rock's equipment is encased in white Jockey shorts as he goes a few rounds with a punching bag (a gift from a guard that he fucked). There is a heavy swing in those shorts that Rock's cellmate, the very cute and very nicely built Jason Hawke, can't help but notice. Accepting Hawke's offer to towel off the sweat "as long as he's not a fag," Rock very quickly develops a raging hardon, and it is a truly impressive sight, all veiny, uncut and thick. Luckily, though he's not a fag, Hawke is an expert cocksucker and ass-rimmer, and Rock takes advantage of both. Blake very wisely closes in on some excellent shots of Rock's rosy pink hole, and Hawke really gets into using his tongue piercing to make it open up like a flower after a long summer rain. Next Hawke goes ass-up on the prison cot for a doggy-style fuck, and Rock's big old balls slap Hawke's ass as he slides in and out. Hawke then sits on Rock and rides that massive meat, but even though he seems to enjoy it, his uncut dick never gets all the way hard. Hawke shoots first, then Rock quickly follows, delivering a splattering load that covers Hawke's belly.

Here "Hard as Rock" takes a slight but very nice detour to a solo muscle worship scene involving bodybuilder Scott Gunz. Gunz is aptly named. His arms are huge, and easily his standout feature, although his tattooed pecs, chinstrap beard and full-of-mischief eyes ain't bad, either. Dressed in only a pair of workout shorts and boots, Gunz does some bench-presses, then some arm exercises before addressing the camera directly. With comments like: "As long as I got the beef, I got your attention." Gunz leads the viewer (ostensibly this is Rock, though he is never seen) through a muscle worship scene that alone is worth the price of the video. For muscle addicts, Gunz is the meat, and the rest of the video is just gravy. The big stud grabs a bottle of tanning lotion, oiling up his body, and reaching inside his shorts to get a little greasy there, too. He turns around and pulls his shorts halfway down, exposing a big meaty ass, that he then proceeds to thoroughly show off for the camera, including spreading his cheeks apart for a good look at his puckered hole. But he's not done yet! Gunz fingers it, and says: "That muscle hole, that's what you want." And that is one of the best things about Gunz' performance -- his mouth is so creatively filthy (he even uses Star Trek metaphors at one point). Next the big old tease totally shows off his butt and hole by bending over the bench and slowly humping it. My tongue got hard just watching him. Keeping up the dirty talk, Gunz then entices the viewer to take "daddy's dick," while he jerks off, creaming the workout bench with a load of white spunk, which he rubs in with his still hard cock. This stud is so hot as a soloist that it almost would be superfluous to add another performer to the mix -- Gunz burns up the screen by himself.

The next scene is another flashback, this time to Rock's time in the military. Private Jeremy Jordan walks in on Rock as he's jerking off thinking about his wife, and, though he was sent in to spit-polish Rock's boots, Jordan is soon spit-polishing dick instead. Rock offers to fuck him like he fucks his wife, which apparently means with a large black dildo. Jordan takes it all like a man and the two keep the officer-slash-enlisted man dialogue -- "SIR!" "YES, SIR!" -- through the action. Jordan then straddles Rock's cock, rides him like a horse and the scene ends with a missionary-style fuck. The cum-shots are ultra-hot -- Rock jerks Jordan off, then Jordan asks Rock to shoot his load all over his fucked, still-wet ass, and Rock delivers.

The last scene takes Rock all the way back to his high school days, where Coach Blue Blake is reading him the riot act about losing his concentration in the wrestling ring. Blake thinks Rock has his mind too much on the cheerleaders, so he sends Rock to the showers and then he sends in a sub, Sean Storm, to help Rock out. First, though, Rock lathers up his heavy equipment and bends over to scrub out his pretty butthole. Storm walks in with a towel and quickly goes down on Rock, and once again, Rock's huge dick reaches for the skies. Then Storm bends Rock over and licks out his squeaky-clean hole. Rock takes Storm back into the locker room and fucks him, using Storm's feet to hold his legs apart. Rock pulls out, moves up to Storm's face, and blasts it with his load, some of which lands on Storm's tongue. Then Storm sucks Rock's dick clean. Storm then blows his own load, jerking his dick with Rock's meat still dangling over his face.

After all that, who wouldn't conclude that he likes men better than women? Rock does just that, and another great effort by director Blue Blake comes to an end.
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