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DescriptionThis is a mixed composite of my 4 more of my favourtie scenes of DAMN HOT DADDIES playin' with their wBOYS - VOLUME 15, a compilation of sizzling intergenerational Daddies doin' the deed with their boys - sans the clothing and behind closed doors. Sometimes it's twink bois with Dad and sometimes it's a bit older - bu the age gap lust is always there. Most of the Daddies are bigger, hairy, types who are all beefed up and boned up for the tight younger boy's ass. Quintessential intimate, m2m, d2s encounters that inevitable seems to happen when an attractive older man mixes with the younger boy(s), just as it has always been happening back through aeons of history to the beginning of civilization. 

I pulled these mixed vid clips together from GT.RU and from the web, edited out the boring parts and just left the juicy sexy parts for you to watch and jack on, man! Unfortunately they didn't come with titles or lists of actors, but I can tell you that their all well known Daddies and the scenes are VERY hot. in fact this WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES OF OVER 30 VOLUMES , is some of the hottest Dad/Son sizzling scenes I have EVER SEEN [and/or dreamed about participating in]...and I've nearly seen EVERY the D/S clip around. I think Daddies ROCK! These rock.. Enjoy!

4 different scenes. T.R.T. 01:45. .MOV Format.  Size: 1.85 GB

Scene 1 One of my all time fovourite dark and handsome sexy hairy daddies Ray Stone stars in the Daddy / boi leather bdsm scene which opens with the boy bound and helpless. This is an older D/SON pair, but the domination and whole power exchange is SUPER HOT. I Soooooooo whish that could be me there all bound up at the helpess mercy of Ray whose just OOOZING SEX ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Scene 2:Pure sensual and passionate sexual indulgence between a tall dark hairy and handsome Dad and his younger brunette cute boi with the sweet young ass in need of same attention form an older man. Like most of my clips it's highly sensual and very erotic - it's not your typical well known porn stars  doing your typical sex scene.

Scene 3: Another INCREDIBLY SEXY DADDY ZAK SPEARS (in both demeanor and sex appeal) hoving and afternoon tryst with a neighbor boy he's lured into his apartment for some steamy one=on - one erotic pleasures for all involved. Zak it the quintessential tall, dark, hairy and handsome dominat power daddy and the brunette submissive boi plays right into Zaks game. VERY HOT SEX between the two and Zak's manly deep voice and dirty talk make this scene all the better.

Scene 4: Big, buff, sexy, hunky, hairy silver Daddy Allen Silver making love to his younger cute brunette boi A sensual and passionate lovemaking duo locked in a session of one on one passion thats SIZZLING HOT and VERY SEXY. It is genuine d/son chemistry at work here rather than just another quick porn scene between professional actors.  This older and younger man pair know how to have erotic fun together, and they really make love with genuine gusto. I luv the big buff hairy Daddy on the smooth younger boy with the fine tight ass - and Dad takes full advantage of and the boy's body. A D/SON experience that every gay boy dreams about at one point or another (or all the time in my case).

ALSO SEE:  The other volumes in the series (over 30 in all). Personal message me if you need any of the films in the series reposted.

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